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10 Terrible Things Hisoka did in hunter x hunter (And 9 facts)

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In Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka Morow is Gon Freecss’ main adversary, and he has committed a number of crimes to demonstrate how evil he truly is.

A Hunter Examiner was killed simply for bumping into him.

Within the first minute of his debut, Hisoka Morow understood how to make a strong first impression. As the Hunter Exam candidates gathered in the starting area, one unfortunate entrant ran into Hisoka.

Hisoka made the guy’s arms dissolve into flower petals. This power is never seen again in the anime. It is nevertheless a terrifying image that instantly informs the spectator to never approach Hisoka.

He Killed 20 Examinees

Hisoka’s initial act during Gon’s Hunter Exam was terrifying, but it wasn’t his worst act. Hisoka had already gained some reputation among the Hunter Association for his prior Hunter Exam attempt. While someone of his caliber and ability might have easily passed the exam with top grades, he decided he truly needed death.

Hisoka was infamous among the other examinees and examiners. He had supposedly murdered 20 previous participants during the exam, but was only dismissed after hurting an examiner. If the other potential hunters had been paying attention, they would have realized that Hisoka would be a far greater challenge than anything else the Hunter Association could throw at them.

He killed Agon for pure sheer thirst for blood.

The Hunter Exam includes a part where applicants must take another person’s badge while safeguarding their own. Losing either would require collecting even more badges from other individuals. While others anxiously guarded their badges, Hisoka went around the arena unafraid, essentially encouraging others to capture his.

Without an outlet for his bloodlust, Hisoka’s blood only boiled until he charged at the first person he spotted. Agon was that unlucky one.

When Gon wasn’t in danger, he killed Geretta.

Hisoka had no idea that Gon was the one who had stolen his badge. The tiny boy tried his hardest to train and hide his existence. With more guts than anybody else in the exam, Gon mustered the courage to steal from Hisoka, successfully stealing his tag. Unfortunately for him, Geretta was trailing him and used Gon’s brief moment of surprise to shock him and seize his badge.

Hisoka, pleased by Gon’s ability, decides to do the boy a favor by returning his badge to Geretta. Hisoka, unfortunately for Geretta, does more than simply take things and knock people unconscious.

Informed Kurapika about the Phantom Troupe

While it is commonly known that criminals have no honor, Hisoka’s selling out of the Phantom Troupe nonetheless hits a nerve. The troupe is made up of a gang of misfits that simply want to assist one another and steal things. Despite their evil nature, they truly consider one another as family.

That is why Hisoka’s repeated betrayal of them is so painful. He promptly sends Kurapika as much knowledge about the spiders as he can so that he can combat Chrollo Lucifer alone.

Hisoka lied to the Phantom Troupe.

Hisoka uses his Nen talent to conceal his fortune when Chrollo steals the ability to predict the future. His fate originally predicted that several ants would die shortly and that he would have the opportunity to confront Chrollo.

However, before anybody else can read it, he alters his fortune to make it appear as though he is in danger. He convinces the exact people he is attempting to betray to defend him for the rest of the arc. Hisoka is a genius, even if he is a wicked genius.

In the Election Arc, he killed many hunters

Hisoka assists Illumi during his quest to capture Killua and Alluka before the two try to heal a near-death Gon on his journey to finally fight Illumi. The Hunter Association is drawn to their adventures since the two murder a number of bystanders along the way. Hisoka not only dispatches a large number of hunters for Illumi, but he also enters the Hunter Association.

Hisoka assassinates Teradein Neutral, one of the leading contenders in the Chairman Election, either because the old man placed the order against him or simply because the clown enjoys stirring the pot.

Killed Gotoh

When Gotoh initially debuted, he quickly became a fan favorite. However, the stern butler came across as a caring and compassionate father who was just concerned about his lovely child. No one ever suspected Gotoh had any death flags flying above his head, despite the fact that they flowed like a procession as soon as Hisoka entered the room.

In order to defend Killua, Gotoh confronted the illusionist head-on and looked to have the guts and willpower to do so. Hisoka, on the other hand, manages to murder him fast and disgracefully in another of his Deadly Pop Quizzes.

Hisoka Killed Shalnark & Kortopi

While Hisoka did betray the Phantom Troupe, he didn’t appear to be eager to destroy its legs on his own. Unless he does. Hisoka takes it upon himself to adjust the circumstances of his next bout with Chrollo Lucifer after losing to him in the fight he always desired. Hisoka went out to exterminate the Phantom Troupe singlehandedly after taking control of the spider’s commander.

His first two victims were the small Kortopi and the cheerful Shalnark. He attacked them out of nowhere and propped up their decaying remains in the midst of a playground, sending a message to the Troupe.

Several bystanders were killed during his fight with Chrollo Lucifer

Hisoka did relish and take advantage of the fact that the audience was essentially a weapon in and of itself. Hisoka and Chrollo Lucifer employ the whole Heavens Arena in their epic fight to the death in their long-awaited exchange.

This includes the hapless audience members who believed they were merely watching a play. Chrollo would begin manipulating and destroying random bystanders. Hisoka would swat them away as if they were tennis balls. These two clearly do not get along.

Hunter x Hunter: The Most Common Hisoka Questions Asked by New Fans

Hunter x Hunter’s murderous clown leaves fans wondering, but not all of Hisoka’s major questions are as enigmatic as he is.

Hisoka is one of the most enigmatic characters in Hunter x Hunter. His ambiguity leaves fans with questions ranging from explanations for his behavior to basic background information. Hisoka, whether friend or foe, becomes involved in Gon’s quest at practically every stage, and while his influence is evident, he’s managed to keep his cards close to his chest since the beginning.

Hisoka is one of the most popular characters in Hunter x Hunter due to his unquestionable power, cunning, and ability to manipulate every circumstance in his advantage. While many aspects of the mysterious magician remain unknown, certain questions concerning Hisoka do indeed have insights.

Why is Hisoka interested in Gon?

While Hisoka’s true objectives remain unknown, he has been rather open about his motives for being engaged with Gon. Hisoka has claimed repeatedly since his debut that his biggest love in life is defeating formidable opponents, to the point that he will flatly refuse to work with those he considers insufficient. So far, the majority of his actions throughout the story have been at least partly consistent with this purpose.

When Hisoka first met Gon, he stated that he believed he had enormous potential and wanted to see what he might become capable of. So far, he has stuck to his word and has declined to confront Gon, even acting as a brief ally to Gon and Killua.

In which episode does Hisoka fight Chrollo?

Hisoka has shown a desire to confront the Spider’s Head, Chrollo, since the beginning. This desire drives almost all of his dealings with the troupe, including his membership and working with the gang. Both of them are the most powerful Nen users in Hunter x Hunter.  One of the most anticipated moments in the story was their battle.

The Battle to the Death, on the other hand, has yet to be animated because the 2011 anime ends at the end of the Election Arc. It may be a long time before fans see Chrollo and Hisoka go head-to-head on screen, as it occurred in some of the final chapters released before the break.

What did Hisoka say to Bodoro?

Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter) is bound to face Bodoro as his second opponent after forfeiting his bout against Kurapika in the final test phase. Hisoka’s win is not shocking, but his manner of victory has remained a mystery since its appearance. Hisoka says something to Bodoro that prompts him to give up, but what he says is never disclosed.

With Bodoro’s death and Hisoka’s usual mysterious personality, this issue may never be addressed. Many fans believe that Hisoka threatened to harm Gon or Killua if Bodoro did not forfeit. As Bodoro had said, he would not kill children. This appears to be one of the more plausible explanations for this riddle.

What Did Hisoka Whisper to Kurapika?

Hisoka evidently forfeits his duel against Kurapika during the Hunter Exam after whispering something into his ear. This follows Kurapika’s eyes becoming crimson, exposing his Kurta bloodline. It is not yet clear what Hisoka said or why he abruptly left the battle at that point, but it appeared to have a major effect on Kurapika.

Later, Kurapika informs his friends that Hisoka said to him during the battle, “I know something intriguing about spiders.” Kurapika also informs the team that he faced Hisoka, who urged him to meet him in September in Yorknew. Though this occurs at the start of the Heaven’s Arena arc, it lays the stage for the Yorknew arc, in which Kurapika will confront the Spiders for their crimes against his tribe.

How strong is Hisoka in Hunter X Hunter?

While Hisoka’s full strength level has never been revealed, he has proven to be a very deadly opponent and one of the series’ strongest hunters. He not only has extraordinary physical strength and Nen mastery, but he is also clever and capable of formulating apparently excellent tactics.

Hisoka has only been seriously defeated by one person in Hunter x Hunter: Chrollo. He, on the other hand, is capable of devising a technique of reviving himself, organizing a complicated system of Nen powers and effects that effectively brings him back to life despite the fact that his body has been entirely crushed. So, while he is unable to slay Chrollo, he defeats death itself.

What Nen Type is Hisoka?

Hisoka’s sophisticated talents and fighting skills, along with his fondness for tricks and deception, make it difficult to comprehend what he can do and how his Nen works at the start of Hunter x Hunter. He subsequently informs Gon that he believes being unclear about his Nen is more strategic.

During Heaven’s Arc, he describes the multiple applications of his Nen Abilities as Machi restores his arms, but he doesn’t disclose his Nen type until his fight against Gon. While transmutation is Hisoka’s natural Nen type, his talents show that he’s also quite good at Conjuration and Emission, and at the very least proficient at Enhancement and Manipulation.

Who Voices Hisoka in Hunter X Hunter?

Hisoka received additional voice actors for both the original Japanese and English dubs of the 2011 anime adaptation, bringing his total to four. Hiroki Takahashi (JP) and Brendan Hunter (EN) play Hisoka in the 1999 adaptation.

Daisuke Namikawa (JP) and Keith Silverstein (EN) are Hisoka’s voice actors for the 2011 series.

How Tall is Hisoka?

Hisoka’s precise height is unknown, as is characteristic of his. When the Phantom Troupe searches for him at Heaven’s Arena during the Succession War arc, Chrollo states that they are looking for someone taller than 6’2″. While this is more detailed than most other material concerning Hisoka, it still does not provide a definitive answer.

How Old is Hisoka?

Hisoka has nearly never mentioned his history or given up personal information, refusing to even identify his age. While some think Hisoka is 28, no official Hunter x Hunter material has ever mentioned his age. Furthermore, even when the ages of other characters are given, Hisoka’s is always labeled as ‘unknown.’

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