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Daniel Radcliffe amazing Facts that fan needs to know

Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter role so well that some fans call him as Harry rather than Daniel. Here are some facts about him that you would want to know.

  1. Daniel Radcliffe, full name Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.

2. Daniel Radcliffe is not on social platform and most likely stay that way.

He thinks he would end up into fight with someone, so better not to be on social media.

3. Daniel Radcliffe’s favourite part is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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4. Other than harry potter and deathly hallows part 2, order of the phoenix is his favourite as the movie includes a lot of Harry Potter and Sirius Black moments. He also knows that it is not a fan favourite.You need to be 11 to start study at Hogwarts and Daniel Radcliffe was had the same age when he started filming sorcerers stone.

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5. Radcliffe earned 1 million for first movie so it was less than a million for emma watson harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

6. Daniel was known as Harry Puffer.

He had the habit of smoking a lot of cigarettes on set (around 20 a day). Daniel used to lose his lighters so he would borrow from fans. Rupert Grint has repeatedly warned him about its dangers but Daniel would not listen.

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7. Daniel Radcliffe’s parents denied for the role of Harry Potter because they thought it is a very big commitment at his age, so his parents agreed to a contract that filming will only be in United Kingdom.

8. Daniel Radcliffe has mild Dyspraxia, it’s a kind of disorder that people with it can not do simple tasks sometimes. Like sometimes Daniel finds it’s difficult to tie his shoes or writing a note.

9. Radcliffe took only 2 days off in 10 years which shows his dedication towards acting. He thinks he has an addictive personality and almost got addiction of alcohol, sometimes turning up at work half-trunk. Daniel wasn’t a fan of Harry Potter from the beginning. He only completed the books after getting the role in Harry Potter.

10. In Daniel Radcliffe movies of Harry Potter, they first tried contact lenses for Daniel but he has a reaction when he put the lenses, so jk rowling told the producers that green eyes are not necessary. That is why Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes are not green in Harry Potter like his mother Lily Potter.

11. Due to daniel radcliffe movies schedule, Daniel was taken out of school, so in order to finish his study, private tutors were teaching him on filming set. You can think how much work he must have put for both study and movies.

12. Daniel was the first choice of both Chris Columbus and jk Rowling for the sorcerers stone.

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