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Deathly Hallows part 2

In this Deathly Hallows part 2 story, you will learn learn something more about the end and you will be able to score more in upcoming deathly hallows quizzes. We will be making more quizzes soon on this single topic. Stay tuned.

Severus Snape is now new headmaster. Harry asked why Bellatrix thinks that the sword is in her vault. The trio bargain with Griphook to lead them to the Bellatrix’s vault for Gryffindor Sword. Harry asks Ollivander the wand maker about the wands he got and deathly hallows.

Harry and Griphook hide under the cloak and Hermione and Ron transfer into Bellatrix and foreign wizard respectively and Apparate to Gringotts. They get into the vault and find the cup but triggered a curse that multiply everything they touch. Griphook flees and calls security, but trio gets away on the back of a dragon. Harry senses that they have to go to Hogwarts before Voldemort get to a horcrux hidden there. They apparated to Hogsmeade but set off alarm placed by death eaters, but Aberforth Dumbledore saves them. He asks them to forget the mission as it is suicide but Harry says he believes in Dumbledore so, Aberforth Dumbledore calls Neville. Nevilles looks beaten by death eaters and leads to others through secret tunnel. The trio meets others in room of requirement and others offer to help them to defeat Voldemort.

Snape finds out trio’s break in asks all students to tell him about Harry Potter or face punishment but Harry reveal himself. Snape draws his wand the McGonagall defends Harry. She casts spells towards him but Snape deflects them to Carrow siblings knocking them out and had the Apparate from there. Voldemort tells everyone to give Harry up for their lives but everyone defends him Except most of the Slytherins. McGonagall tells Filch to take Slytherins to dungeons. McGonagall brings the statues to life to and asks them to defend Hogwarts while others cast a defensive shield around castle.

Harry asks Helena Ravenclaw as Luna told him and Helena tells him where Voldemort hid the Diadem. During this time, Hermione and Ron went to Chamber of Secret to get teeth of Basilisk which can destroy the cup. On Ron’s insistent Hermione destroys the cup.

The death eaters cannot enter the shield so Voldemort breaks it with great power and with this the battle starts. Harry finds the Diadem in to Room of Requirement but faces Draco Malfoy, Goyle and Zabini. Harry asks Draco why he did not recognize him at the Malfoy Manor but before he can say anything Hermione and Ron get in casting stunning spells. Goyle casts Fiendfyre which he cannot control and ends ups throwing his wand and they try to climb up the furniture pile. Goyle loses balance and the fire engulfs him. Draco and Zabini keep climbing to peak. Ron finds some broomsticks and they fly above the flames. Harry decides to save Draco and Zabini and they fly out of the room of requirement and destroy the Diadem with fang of basilisk which weakens Voldemort even more after the cup.

Now Voldemort is in the shrieking shack with Nagini and Snape. The trio goes there under the invisibility cloak to kill Nagini. Snape is telling Voldemort the wand obeys his order but Voldemort says it does not perform extraordinary magic but work like a normal wand. Voldemort then slit’s Snape’s throat and asks Nagini to finish him. She attacks him on the neck almost killing him. Harry goes there and Snape gives him memory of his with the truth and looks in Harry’s eyes for the last time to see Lily.

Voldemort orders his forces to retreat and tells Harry that he let others die for him and if he does not give him to Voldemort, he will kill everyone.

The trio returned to Greathall where everyone is mourning the deaths of their friends. Harry cannot stay there as they were died for him so he makes his wat to Headmaster’s office. He sees Snape’s life story in the Pensieve. Snape and Lily were friend together since childhood and they sorted into different house. Snape became a death eater and told Voldemort about the prophecy not knowing that Voldemort will try to kill Harry and thus Lily. Snape went to Dumbledore and told him to save Lily in return to give anything.

Wormtail betrays them and Voldemort James and Lily. Dumbledore convinces Snape to protect Harry. Snape saved Dumbledore’s life temporary from the curse of the ring horcrux. Dumbledore was already dying, so to save Draco and have a merciful and painless death, Snape Killed Dumbledore. Harry also finds that he is also a horcrux and he has to die to kill Voldemort.

Harry is ready to die. He goes to the forbidden forest where Voldemort and death eater are waiting for him. Voldemort fires killing curse at him. Harry wakes up and find himself at a very bright place and sees a pitiful creature lying there. Dumbledore appears there and tells Harry that it cannot be helped, also he is alive. Dumbledore tells him everything that he did not tell him before and asks to forgive him.

Narcissa Malfoy asks Harry if Draco is alive while confirming if Harry is dead. Harry says yes and Narcissa lies to them that Harry is dead. They take Harry to Castle and ask others to join Voldemort or die. But to everyone’s surprise Harry is alive and the fight continues. Many death eaters flee away as Harry escaped death again.

Bellatrix tries to attack Ginny but Molly Weasley intervenes and fights back. Molly’s attacks blasted her body apart. Harry tells Tom that the wand was never Snape’s so it never worked for him. Now the only horcrux Nagini is remained which Neville kills with the Gryffindor Sword. Voldemort gets defeated and the war is over.

Harry tells Ron and Hermione why wand doesn’t work for Voldemort and now the wand is his possession. Harry fixes his own wand with the elder wand and break it.

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