deathly hallows facts
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Deathly Hallows facts you didn’t know

Deathly Hallows facts every fan needs to know about!

We almost missed the Snape VS McGonagall fight

snape vs minerva
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The initial plan was to make it a fight between Snape and Harry. Like how could they make everything about Harry Potter! But J.K. Rowling fought for us! She believed that it was a crucial moment for Minerva and she deserved it. All Potterheads will agree to this.

Casts were taking props at home despite regular checking

Daniel Radcliffe was able to take Harry’s glasses, and Emma Watson took Hermione’s wand, Time Turner, and a cloak. Rupert Grint took Dumbledore’s Deluminator. He also tried to sneak the golden dragon egg but was not successful.

Voldemort Hugs Draco Malfoy

Voldemort Hugs Draco Malfoy
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In Deathly Hallows part 2, Draco Malfoy’s actor is caught in surprise when Voldemort embraces him. It was improvised by Voldemort’s actor Ralph Fiennes. Fans make fun of this situation with the name ‘awkward hug.’ you will find many memes on fan pages.

Evanna Lynch come up with Luna’s dance at Bill and Fleur’s wedding

Luna’s dance at Bill and Fleur’s wedding
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Evanna Lynch looked at the wedding chapter and created the dance where she is spinning as if batting away Wrackspurts.

Tom Felton’s girlfriend appeared as Astoria Greengrass

Tom Felton’s girlfriend appeared as Astoria Greengrass
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Jade Olivia appeared as Draco’s wife in the end. But it didn’t work out for them in real life nor with Draco as Astoria died from a blood curse.

Crabbe aka Jamie Waylett got sacked as he participated in the London riots in 2011

Crabbe aka Jamie Waylett
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Draco Malfoy is always with 2 fat boys Crabbe and Goyle. But in the deathly hallows part 2 you must have noticed Zabini instead of Crabbe.

In harry potter and the deathly hallows book, The Fiendfyre curse was released by Crabbe. Waylett was arrested and imprisoned for participating in riots. He was also charged for growing cannabis.

Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 were filmed at the same time.

This means 1 Day they would be filming part 1 and part 2 the next day.

Emma Watson made changes to the set of Hermione’s bedroom

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Emma Watson asked set decorators to have more books in Hermione’s room. The earlier set had fewer books but later it has a self filled with books.

The Room of Requirement is filled with props from previous films (Deathly Hallows facts)

room of requirement props
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you can see the knight of the chess game, the Ron used in sorcerer’s stone.

The scar on Harry’s forehead was applied approximately 5800 times.

the scar on harry potter's forehead
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The Harry Potter franchise never won any academy award

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