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Defence Against Dark Arts

Welcome to The Defence Against the Dark Arts Quiz! In this Harry Potter Quiz, you will find many interesting things about Magic. Things that you already know and things that you don’t know. Some of them will even surprise you. For those who are eager to take this DADA Quiz, jump straight into it, and those who want to refresh their memories first, keep reading.

Defence Against the Dark Arts is the favorite subject of most students. It is mainly a practical subject, where students learn about defending themselves from all aspects of dark arts, creatures, jinxes and curses. They learn to duel; that is why most students love it. A direct application of spells unlike potions where you need to remember tiny details or you may end up making poison instead of healing potion.

DADA is defensive magic being taught at Hogwarts so that students can protect themselves from dark magic. The curriculum of the class kept changing with teachers changing of this subject. Though students didn’t learn much from first 2 years professor, the third year was different. They learned about many dark creatures and spells to handle them under Remus Lupin.

The fourth year was unique, as unforgivable curses were taught in sixth year. But this time Barty Crouch Jnr disguised as Alastor Moody used them on spider, they were also taught to resist the imperius curse.

In the Fifth year, students have to give O.W.L.s exams. In this examination, they have both written and practicals tests. Students have to learn everything from their first year to give this examination.

Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher keeps changing every year?

You must have noticed that the professor who teaches this subject keeps changing every year. No prof. at Hogwarts could hold this position more than a year without suffering unpleasant end. It is said that the position was jinxed.

Prof. Quirrell ends up being dead in the first year- Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, he was a Ravenclaw. He was teaching about dark creatures and spells but most of them were theories rather practical study of magic. He did not teach any real magic to students.

The Second teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, in Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets his secret was revealed to the world. He was telling different stories to students and not any practical approach or real magic. He only used Cornish Pixies one time but failed to teach anything as he could not even catch those pixies. It is responsibility to take care of any dark arts related mishappens in Hogwarts and in his case, it was the chamber and he tried to flee but exposed as a fraud. He used other people’s credit by removing their memories and lot his own memory by himself’ He ended up being in the St mungo’s hospital permanently losing his memory. He wasn’t getting any visitors though, but was getting letters from his fans. But he didn’t even know why those fans were writing to him.

The Third DADA teacher was Remus Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You may know that he is one of the Four Marauders and best friend of Harry’s father James Potter. He was the first DADA teacher whom every student liked. He taught real magic and practical approach. Since the childhood he faced many problems as he was a werewolf and that is why he kept it secret from the world and only few people knew about him as the world was not accepting a werewolf in the society and viewed werewolves as a curse. But in the end, it was published everywhere that he was a werewolf and lupin had no choice but to resign the job. But luckily it was not as bad as first two professors. It made impossible for lupin to get another job because others treated werewolves as some kind of curse.

The Fourth DADA Teacher Alastor Moody was abducted even before he could teach anybody. And the death eater Barty Crouch Jr. took his place and Moody had to spent all this time in the case. But he was recovered completely after this.

The Fifth Teacher was Dolores Umbridge, hated by all the students and teachers. She did not teach any practical magic and limited students to learn book knowledge. She has made many new rules for Hogwarts and took place of Dumbledore blaming that he was making an army to fight the ministry. She almost ended up being killed by centaurs but Dumbledore saved her.

The Sixth Teacher was Snape. Snape has applied for the post of Defence Against Dark Arts many times but Dumbledore never allowed that request. Snape is the teacher whom many people love and many people hate. Unlike Umbridge whom everybody hates or Lupin who is liked by everyone. Dumbledore did not allow Snape to take this position until the end. He had to kill Dumbledore and risk his own life to save Harry. Dumbledore has planned his death by Snape to gain Voldemort’s trust and save Draco Malfoy because Dumbledore was already dying from the curse. The horcrux ring had a curse placed by Voldemort and when Dumbledore wore that ring, the curse started spreading and there was no cure for it. So, eventually Dumbledore would die a painful death by curse.

But why no one could stay at the position of the Defence Against Dark Arts post? Let’s go back to history. After graduation from Hogwarts Tom riddle applied to teach the subject. But headmaster Dippet refused saying that he was too young, but invited him to re-apply after few years.  Then Tom turned deep into the dark arts and changed his name to “Lord Voldemort” and applied again. At this time, the headmaster was Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore refused him as he knew Voldemort’s past deeds and didn’t want a person like him to teach students and refused him.

And as Dumbledore explained Harry that after he refused to Voldemort, no one is able to hold the DADA teachers position more than a year. It is a possibility that Voldemort jinxed this position. But who actually did this is unknown.

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