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Demogorgon: Everything you want to know.

Demogorgon is the main antagonist and scary creature of Stranger Things. You will know all facts with this Trivia quiz!

What exactly is the Demogorgon?

The Demogorgon is a monster that comes into Hawkins in 1983. It is a humanoid creature with long limbs but a flower-like face that shows many teeth when it opens its mouth.

What are the powers of Demogorgon?

They can travel from the upside down world to our world, meaning they can travel interdimensional. They have superhuman strength and durability due to their skin and tough body that can withstand bullets.

It uses Telekinesis. It unlocked a door when it was going after Will, also pulled in a deer. It is not clear though.

They can regenerate and heal themselves quickly. They have a strong sense of blood, so strong that they can sense it from a different dimension.

Why the Demogorgon took Will?

Demogorgon is attracted to blood that we all know, but Will was not attracted by blood; though some fans speculate that he got injured when it followed him. It is also attracted to sound. Will made noises that may have attracted it. fans speculated that it attacks those who are near the gate. Maybe Bill was at the Wrong place at the wrong time.

It is not clear how it chooses its victims but what attracts it.

In Stranger Things season 4, we may get the answers to how it chooses its victims.

What is The Upside Down World? Who created the Upside Down World?

Eleven comes in contact with this parallel dimension of Upside Down World. This allows the Demogorgon to come to the human world. They can create wounds between the dimensions to travel.

The Upside Down World looks the same as the human world but the environment gives creepy vibes. How it was created is not clear until now. It is speculated this it was created by Eleven with her power because it looks exactly like the human world.

Weakness of Demogorgon?

Demogorgon is vulnerable to fire and heat.

Life Cycle of Demogorgon.

Demogorgon grows in 6 stages with resembles the amphibian species of earth.

The best example of how the Demogorgon grows is Dart, which Dustin kept thinking he discovered a new species. Its growth also depends on how much food it consumes, like when Dustin starts feeding it, it starts growing rapidly.


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Slug Demogorgon looks the same as normal slugs except it has yellow spots on its body.


Pollywog Demogorgon
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After a larval state like a slug, it evolves into a state where it has a mouth, 2 tiny claw-like hands, and a tail. They are too sensitive to heat that they cannot withstand the heat of a table lamp.


Frogogorgon Demogorgon
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Pollywog gets hind legs and starts growing teeth in its mouth. It also gets bigger.


When it eats sufficient food, it turns into a creature bigger than the normal cat. It also grows petal face Demogorgon’s are famous for. Its skin gets strong enough to withstand direct sunlight now.


It is now bigger than a normal dog. its skin gets thicker. At this stage, guns are not effective on it.


Demogorgon final stage
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Finally, they turn into their ultimate form. The Demogorgon can now do things like a human but with superhuman strength.

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