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Fear the walking dead season 6 trivia quiz about every episode. The season has 16 episodes. Start the quiz with the link below.

Episode 1 “The End Is the Beginning”

Why Morgan’s eyes are red?

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) escapes from the pioneers of Virginia (Colby Minifie) but he is in bad condition because the gunshot wound has become gangrenous. Due to this, his eyes have become red.

The walkers are ignoring Morgan who smells bad due to his wound.

Morgan meets Isaac (Michael Abbott Jr.) who helps Morgan to hide from Emile but Emile still finds Morgan.

Why does Emile want to kill Morgan?

Virginia (Colby Minifie) hires a bounty hunter Emile LaRoux (Demetrius Grosse) to find Morgan and kill him.

How does Morgan kill Emile?

Isaac takes Morgan to his wife but Emile catches up to them. Emile gets the upper hand fighting with Morgan but Isaac saves telling him that he was already bitten before meeting him. Morgan kills Emile and sends his head to Virginia.

At the end of Fear the walking dead season 6 Episode 1, a man spray paints the submarine with the words “THE END IS THE BEGINNING” who turns out to be a man of Theodore Maddox (John Glover) aka Teddy.

Fear the walking dead season 6 Episode 2 “Welcome to the Club”

Why was Daniel faking memory loss?

Daniel does not recognize his friend Victor when he tries to talk to Daniel. He is doing it to be safe from Virginia.

At the end of Episode 2, Daniel meets casually with Morgan Jones which shows that Daniel was faking memory loss the whole time.

 In this episode of fear the walking dead season 6, Strand and Alicia are taken to clear a herd of walkers. Strang wants to kill all the rangers and escape but Alicia wants to get the weapon that Virginia wants.

How did Victor clear the herd of walkers in episode 2?

Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) clears the herd by sacrificing Sanjay (

Satya Nikhil Polisetti). Victor stabs Sanjay’s leg, so Sanjay started screaming which attracts the walkers. Others use guns the rangers to kill the walkers but they find out that there was no weapon.

Virginia makes Strand a ranger for his leadership.

Episode 3 “Alaska”

Who spread the bubonic plague in episode 3?

On their way to investigating locations, Althea hears Isabelle about their next rendezvous point on the walkie-talkie. Dwight and Althea go to that location and find rats, as well as the “THE END IS THE BEGINNING” spray paint sign on the wall.

This is a work of the same people shown in Fear the walking dead season 6 Episode 1.

How did Dwight get the plague in episode 3?

When Althea continues to go to the roof despite Dwight’s pleas, they noticed Dwight also has plagued. He was infected by a rat that was in his sleeping bag a few days earlier.

Fear the walking dead season 6 Episode 4

Who killed Cameron in FTWD?

Janis was secretly dating Cameron. She tried to escape the facility but got caught. She declared that she killed Cameron so Virginia executed her.

In reality, Dakota killed Cameron, not Janis.

Where did Morgan get the key?

On his way to Humbug’s Gulch, a car struck Morgan. Two-man from the car attacked him and asked for the key around Morgan’s neck. Morgan kills them. Morgan took the key when he killed Emile without knowing what the key was about.

What does Morgan’s key unlock?

Morgan’s key unlocks the nuclear weapon inside the washed-up submarine which Teddy used at the end of season 6.

Episode 5 “Honey”

Sherry plans to destroy the SWAT truck but Althea tells her to steal it instead. They succeed in it with unexpected help from Morgan. Sherry then plans to kill Virginia with help of Dwight but postpones it as Morgan suggests against it and Dwight doesn’t even show up when they lure the Pioneers.

Morgan wants to build a community away from the Pioneers. Althea and Dwight join him while Sherry denies it. so Dwight left a clue about their place.

Fear the walking dead season 6 Episode 6

Episode 6, “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg” focuses on the incident of well exploding at Tank Town.

Who are behind the well explosion?

Virginia and others go to Tank Town and find a spray paint of “THE END IS THE BEGINNING”. Meaning this is no accident but the work of Teddy’s men.

How did Virginia lose her hand?

At Tank Town, she gets bitten at hand. To stop it from spreading, she asks June to cut it. June hesitates to do it because she thinks this is all Virginia’s fault as all bad things are happening around her. Virginia tells her that there is a bigger problem out there than her, so June saves her reluctantly.

Episode 7

Who attacks the convoy escorting Dakota in FTWD?

In Fear the walking dead season 6 episode 7 “Damage From the Inside” a convoy of rangers is escorting Virginia’s daughter Dakota to a safe house but Morgan attacks the convoy.

Victor and a ranger Samuels are the only survivors of the attack.

Is Athena Morgan’s baby in FTWD?

Grace tells Morgan that Athena’s biological father is Mathew, her former co-worker. Grace and Morgan adopted Issac and Rachael’s baby daughter. Isaac named her Morgan after Morgan Jones.

Fear the walking dead season 6 Episode 8

“The door”

Why did Dakota kill John in Fear The Walking Dead?

John is ready to commit suicide but is stopped by Walkers. John finds Dakota and Morgan outside; they are hiding from Virginia’s Rangers.

John is ready to help Morgan but refuses to join Morgan’s new community.

While they are clearing the horde of Walkers, a ranger Marcus follows them. To save Morgan John kills Marcus. John remembers the knife from Dakota and realizes that she killed Cameron.

Dakota tells John that she killed Cameron because he told Virginia her secret passage to get out of Lawton.

And to keep the secret that she killed Cameron safe, she also shoots John Dorie.

June and Virginia find John reanimated, heartbroken June stabs John in the head and ends him.

Episode 9

Things left to do

John buries reanimated John and asks Virginia why Dakota killed him. Virginia says she doesn’t know anything.

Virginia radios Morgan and threatens to kill Grace so Morgan shows up on horseback. Morgan tells the others that Virginia knew Dakota killed Cameron but kept it secret. Victor strand supports Morgan saying that if other Rangers follow Virginia They will die like Cameron. This results in a gun battle, Daily uses Daniel and Grace as hostages to escape, Victor Strand shoots Virginia before she can do anything with her gun.

Morgan treats Virginia’s gun wound and tells her that Dakota saved him at the gulch because she thinks that Morgan can kill Virginia. Virginia tells Morgan that Dakota is her daughter.

Sherry’s group follows them but they escape. Morgan takes Virginia to his community to see Dakota in exchange for Daniel and Grace’s freedom.

Victor Strand comes with his rangers and Sherry and her group come in a Swat truck to get their hands on Virginia.

Virginia offers to surrender herself to them in return for Dakota to live in Morgan’s community; also, she wants Morgan to kill her because she will get painless death.

Morgan cannot kill Virginia and invites everyone to join his community and stop the killing.

Viktor Strand and Sherry refuse to join them.

Why did June kill Virginia Fear the Walking Dead Season 6?

June tells her that she knew that Dakota is capable of killing a person and still protected her, so Virginia is the reason John is dead. John shoots Virginia in the head and kills her. June leaves the community.

Episode 10

Handle with care

Now that Virginia is gone, everyone is thinking about the new enemy; those people who are spray paint everywhere. Morgan proposes all the survivors join the forces and find the enemy. Grey starts having contractions, Morgan goes on a SWAT truck to get a fetal monitor

An explosion goes off in the valley town Walkers Approaches the dam listening to the sound of an explosion. All the weapons they have collected from everyone are gone.

Daniel suspects Strand of stealing all the weapons and puts him in a cell.

It turns out Daniel was the one who hid the weapons, June believes that he has a psychological disorder.

Fear the walking dead season 6 Episode 11

The Holding

Alicia, Althea, Luciana, and Wes infiltrate the holding settlement. The workers turn the Walkers into soil and grow food on that. They noticed the words “The end is the beginning”. Wes tries to get information from Derek, but Derek tells him that he is not ready yet.

Wes and Althea search Derek’s room find maps of Lawton, Tank tower, and local settlements. Wes confronts his brother Derek and asks him why they are attacking the settlements. Derek tells his brother that the new world can only be made after anything and everything is destroyed.

While escaping, Riley catches them. Alicia cuts many Walkers and sets fire, giving others time to escape to the dam settlement.

Alisha meets Teddy, the leader of this underground group.

Episode 12

In dreams

Grace is unconscious following the explosion in the dam settlement, Riley and his people are after them for the key that Morgan stole from Emile. Grace is dreaming about her daughter Athena.  in Real-world Riley asks for the key to Morgan. Grace is convinced from the dream that her daughter Athena will get everything together, so giving the key will not matter and he tells Morgan to give the key to Riley.

Grace gives birth to Athena but she is stillborn due to deadly radiation from her mother’s body.

Episode 13


In this episode, June meets John’s father John Dorie Sr. He tells everyone that Teddy intends to kill everyone still alive so they need to put him to an end.

Episode 14


Alicia is holding off on killing Teddy until she learns what his plans are. Dakota has joined Teddy and she is now the antagonist of Fear The Walking Dead season 6. Teddy tells Alicia the key and unlocks submarine missiles. We can use those missiles to kill everyone still alive. Alisha radios Strand and warns them about what the keys do.

Episode 15

USS Pennsylvania

Dakota Riley and Teddy prepare to launch nuclear missiles. Morgan and others come to Pennsylvania due to a warning from Alicia. The submarine is filled with the reanimated crew. Morgan and Strand use the key card from the Zombie and try to reach the Control room.  but they are late teddy and Riley has already launched missiles on Texas areas and it cannot be stopped.

Episode 16

the beginning

Morgan and grace are ready to commit suicide instead of living in the world after the missile explosion but Rachel comes with her baby.  Both Morgan and Grace take her baby and hide under the nearest vehicle to get away from the nuclear shockwave.

Dakota finds out that Teddy was using her so she kills him. Dakota incinerates from the nuclear explosion.

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