It has been years since “friends” show came out but its popularity is growing. This show is so addictive that if you start watching it, you won’t stop it until you finish it and may wanna re-watch it. The show is getting new fans of it as it is not just about the friendship but related to regular life of people. It is about the happiness, worries, struggles and problem we face in our 20s. We are adults and the amount of uncertainty in our lives both at romantic and professional level.

You may have left your parents house, finished your studies and started working for living but you may have not settled down, looking for a career or haven’t gotten married yet. You are looking for the right person and a good professional work that you want to enjoy in life. It is the phase where you have just started your career and struggling with it but at the same time you want the life to be very simple and fun. You would want to enjoy these days of your lie too.

It shows that now a days the generation is choosing uncertainty and instability over marriage and stable job in order to explore more of life. People were not much excited about this before, they would start family work and get married at early age, but that has changed now.

In the start of the friends, it is shown that Rachel rejects her stable marriage life. People now a days choose uncertainty for truly fulfilling career and romantic partner. By choosing not to be stable in life create playfulness and adventures in life of friends’ characters which most of the people want in their life. although this time is playful and adventurous, it is also full of anxiety, instability and insecurity. A period of career setbacks, broken relationships and uncertain future.

Rachel gets stuck in the job of waitress which she did not even like just because she can get some money for living and that is for a long time. Monica is also doing many cooking jobs before becoming a chef. We all know how Joey struggles with his acting career while depending on his friends. Chandler does not even like his job and stuck to it for many years as he is afraid to become unstable.

Some of us are struggling for better career while some with their relationship. Ross tries to have a stable marriage life from the beginning but his first wife turns out to be gay and his love life becomes unstable afterwards despite his efforts to make it stable. Although people are choosing playful and adventurous lifestyle, their primary goal is to have stable and better career and a better love life.

We can see that many times love life is in jeopardy, career is unstable but friendship remains intact. In all kinds of uncertainty, insecurity and unhappiness a good group of friends makes it easy for us.

This is why friends is so popular in our generation. Our generation has a longer period of adulthood. We believe that we can do anything by following our passion. but when we go out in the real world and become insecure and uncertain about it, it gets harder. We come to the reality that it is not always sunshine and daisies but a lot of pain and loneliness that’s breaks us. At times like this, a good group of friends help you stay strong and move forward. We can relate this with life of Rachel, she left his safe and secure marriage and wealth of his father by cutting credit cards to become independent but insecure. She had to stick with coffee shop which she didn’t like at all. This phase of life is harder and we can relate our lives with them in many ways. We feel comfort that we are not alone feeling the same way and without us knowing we become a part of friends. It shares our feelings with them.

Now a days, all of us have more possibilities than even before or I can say the possibilities that never existed before. We are getting new possibilities with a mindset that we can get everything and the digital life shooting shiny things at us, we want it, and thus we don’t settle in life and want to explore it more which leads us to makes choices with great possibilities. With great possibilities comes great instability and insecurity. at least it’s true at these ages.

Chandler has a stable office job that he dislikes. At the end of the series all of his friends have a good job that they like. At first, they struggled, but now they are happy with their life. Chandler is the only person who did not liked his word and he wanted to change his career. He starts from scratch again and finds it hard but eventually he makes it happen. This thing relates to us in many ways. We want a job that we like and that is why there a new trend of skipping college life to work in a field we all want to be in. a few decades ago, college was important in our life but now it is not that important.

The ultimate goal is to have a profession that we like and a loving relationship and to get that we go through many kinds of uncertain and insecure phases and our friends are the most important relationship in this period of life.

Just like friends are there for each other when the situation is overwhelming, they are there for us and we feel comforted and enjoy at the same time. We not only enjoy but we learn from friends. It makes our life easy and helps us to go through hard time. It teaches us to enjoy our life and stand for things that are matter to us, helps us taking big decisions in our life. and no matter who we are, there are always the kind of people where we can feel better and fit into.

I recommend all of you to watch friends because it is worth the time.

What do you think?


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