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Goblet of Fire

The movie starts with Harry having a vision or dream where Frank Bryce is killed by Voldemort. He was gardener of Voldemort’s family. Harry attends quidditch world cup with Weasley family and Cedric Diggory and his father. The quidditch is being played at another level with the best players in the world. After the game, death eaters terrorized the camp, so everyone starts leaving the place. Winky the house elf is introduced in the book at this time.

They go to Hogwarts then. As always, they need a new Defence against dark arts teacher. This year, Dumbledore invited Alastor Moody, he is an ex-auror. Dumbledore also announces that Hogwarts will the legendary tri-wizard tournament. In which three school will participate. The goblet of fire selects champions to take part in the tournament. Those who wants to participate can enter their name in the goblet of fire. But there is age limit for the participant, so Harry is not allowed to enter in it. Fred and George try to enter their name in the goblet of fire using Ageing Potion, but they don’t get any luck. This was the only time they see each other as old.

Cedric Diggory of the Hufflepuff house represents Hogwarts, Viktor Krum of the Durmstrang and Fleur Delacour from the Beauxbatons. The goblet unexpectedly chooses the fourth champion, Harry Potter. Dumbledore then asks Harry “Calmly” whether he put his name in the goblet of fire. That is, in the book. Barty Crouch senior tells Dumbledore that after being selected the champion, they are bound by contract, so they can’t pull Harry out of the tournament.

The first test is about courage and daring. Participants has to fight a dragon and retrieve a golden egg it is guarding. The movie doesn’t show how other participants faced dragons. It would have been amazing if it was shown in movie as it was great Harry fighting the dragon. Cedric Diggory faces Swedish Short-Snout. He uses transfiguration spell and turns a rock into a dog, which distracted the dragon. But soon dragon loses interest in dog and returns to Cedric. Althouth Cedric manages to get the egg, he gets his face burned by dragon. Fleur Delacour goes next. She faces Common Welsh Green. Fleur enchants the dragon to sleep, but dragon still manages to put fire on her cloths. She extinguishes it and takes the egg successfully.

Viktor Krum faces Chinese Fireball. He blinds the dragon. It causes the dragon the panic and stumble in confusion. The dragon falls onto remaining 2 eggs and damages them. He is docked the points for this reason. And lastly, Harry faces Hungarian Horntail. He uses his wand to summon the broom and you know what happens.

In the second task, the participants have to find what is the meaning of the clue inside the egg for the next task. Before the next task, Yule Ball was held. It is held in the honor of tri wizard champions. Harry and Ron struggles to find partner to go to the Yule Ball. Hermione was asked by Viktor Krum. Many Draco Malfoy friends are disappointed as he didn’t get scene for yule ball and we can find he looks hot on backstage pictures from of shooting.

Cedric Diggory tells harry that prefect’s bathroom is a great place to relax and take the egg with him. We all know that Hufflepuffs like to play fair game and as harry told Cedric about the dragons, he told him how he can get the secret from the egg.

The second task in the movie is differed from the book. Someone precious has be stolen and hidden into the lake. They have to find the person in 1 hour time limit. To think of remaining under water for 1 hour. Harry is helped by Dobby in book or Neville in movie. Harry tries to save both Ron and Fleur’s sister in the task. For this moral code, he gets second place as merpeople told Dumbledore that Harry arrived first to rescue them.

The third task in the tournament is most difficult. This task was so much different from the books. Those who have only read the book before watching movie must have disappointed. Cedric encounters a vicious blast ended skrewt. He struggles greatly with him but manages to escape. Harry faces a boggart that takes form of a dementor. Moody places imperius curse on Viktor Krum after stunning Fleur. So, Viktor performs cruciatus curse on Cedric until he breaks down. Harry hears Cedric’s voice and quickly comes there and stuns Krum. They both then part ways. Harry comes across a Sphinx and needed to answer a riddle to continue on the maze. Cedric and Harry meet again before the cup, but they ream up in order to defeat acromantula. They both helped each other to reach to cup, so both take the cup together only to find out that the cup was a portkey.

It transports them into the little hangleton graveyard. Where Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew were waiting for them. Peter kills Cedric Diggory. He performs a ritual that revives Voldemort into a new body using Harry’s blood which is Voldemort’s biggest mistake. Voldemort releases Harry beat him in the dual and prove that he is the strongest. Harry tries expelliarmus to defend himself. Their spells collide and spirits of Harry’s parents and Cedric materializes and distracts Voldemort allowing Harry to escape with Cedric’s body.

Harry comes back and tells Dumbledore that Voldemort is back and killed Cedric. Moody takes Harry away and asks if there were others in the graveyard. Harry says that he hasn’t not mentioned anything about graveyard. Moody tries to attack Harry but others come and intervenes him. They find that Moody was actually Barty Crouch Jr. from the start.

Dumbledore tells every student that Voldemort has returned and Cedric Diggory was killed by him although ministry does not allow him to reveal this information to the students but in doing so, it will only dishonor the memory of Cedric.

The movie is disappointing. Triwizard tournament was the best part in this and the movie removed the best of it.

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