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Did you know these Harry Potter Secrets?

This is part 1 of Harry Potter Secrets! The Wizarding World holds a lot of secrets.

Why Did Harry Have to Live with The Dursleys?

Lily Potter gave her life to protect Harry from Voldemort and saved Harry with her love protection. so, harry is protected as long as the enchantment is there. Petunia shared the same blood as Lily’s and as she accepted Harry, she gave protection to Harry. Voldemort and other death eaters cannot find him here. Until Harry turned seventeen and the Dursleys left the home, Harry was protected. When Harry return left the home with intention of not returning here, the enchantment lift off and the protection was gone. This is why Harry has to return to Dursleys every summer.

What Happened to Gilderoy Lockhart?

After Lockhart’s own spell backfired to him due to Ron’s damaged wand, he lost his memory. So, he was sent to St Mungo’s (the Wizarding hospital) where Neville’s parents were also there. They were tortured painfully and we could see them in the book.

Why did defence against the dark arts teacher keep changing every year?

When Voldemort applied for the DADA job at Hogwarts to Dumbledore, He refused Tom. After that, no one was able to stay at that post of DADA teacher for more than a year. It is believed that Voldemort jinxed the post and no one was able to stay more than a year to that post.

Why Voldemort/Quirrell Couldn’t Touch Harry?

Blood Protection of Lily Potter:

As I said about blood protection of Harry, the protection was in his blood. So, he was protected by it and could not touch him. That is why we can see in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire that Voldemort used Harry’s blood to revive himself and after then Voldemort was able to touch him now as Harry’s blood was in Voldemort’s body.

Why the Horcrux inside Harry was not killed by basilisk fang?

It’s very simple. Before the Venom could spread in Harry, Phoenix healed Harry and saved him and therefore saved Horcrux.

Why does Dumbledore have to die? (Harry Potter Secrets)

Let me tell you that it is not he had to die, he was dying and he chose this plot to die in a useful way. Useful way? Yes. who is perfect in this world? Of course, Dumbledore- most of the time.

Dumbledore longed to see his family. He knew about the deathly hallows and he knew that they exist. He already had the invisibility cloak from James and the elder wand. Then he found the resurrection stone in the ring. He could not resist himself to see his family back once again. He was a great wizard, so he knew that the ring had dark magic in it.

Dumbledore wore the ring putting all the wisdom aside and it triggered the curse in the ring and it started spreading in his body. Severus Snape temporarily slowed the spread but eventually, the curse will kill Dumbledore in a painful way. So, he decided to save Draco with Snape killing him and gaining Voldemort’s trust. Snape killed his friend and gave him painless death which no other person can do easily.

This also answers the questions like why Snape agreed to an unbreakable vow or why Dumbledore pleaded to Snape before dying.

It is not completely explained in the movie so many people misunderstood it.

Why does Dumbledore say after all this time?

Kind of a touchy story. Snape agreed to Dumbledore to save Harry as Lily gave her life for him. Saving Harry would save Lily’s wish. But when Dumbledore tells him that Harry had to die, Snape tells him he was saving him for the right moment to die? Dumbledore asks him if he had developed feelings for Harry?

Snape produces a doe Patronus which can be only done with happy memories. Snape had never forgotten Lily all these years and still remembered his memories with her.

That is why Dumbledore asks Snape “after all this time?”


Why does Snape hate Harry Potter?

Snape was in love with Lily. She married the guy who was bullying Snape in school days at Hogwarts-James Potter. Harry was looked and behaved like James Potter. Although it was not Harry’s fault, Snape hated him because of James Potter. Why? It’s not like he has to hate harry because he is James’s son? Well, that is a good question.

How did Harry Potter get the invisibility cloak?

The invisibility cloak is one of the three deathly hallows. The other deathly hallows did not pass down to generations but the invisibility cloak. The clock was passed down to James Potter by his father Fleamont Potter. James was a mischief-maker, so he must have been a handful with an invisibility cloak, you can wonder. He told Albus Dumbledore about the cloak. Dumbledore asked him to give him the cloak to study it. James gave the cloak to Dumbledore who already knew it was one of the deathly hallows. Voldemort killed James Potter and the cloak stayed with Dumbledore. After that, Dumbledore gave it to Harry Potter to its true owner as he was the son of James Potter.

How does the sorting hat choose the students for the house?

Hogwarts was founded by Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. The sorting hat originally belongs to Gryffindor. All four founders believed in certain qualities that a student should possess.

Gryffindor believed that every person who can do magic before the 11th of age should be able to attend school and study magic. He believed in courage and bravery above other qualities.

Helga Hufflepuff believed that for a person to be sorted into Hufflepuff house, they should value patience, loyalty and should be hard working.

Rowena Ravenclaw was a very intelligent woman, and she wanted the students of her house to be intelligent. So, she decided to put these students in her house Ravenclaw.

Slytherin wanted to put only those students in her house with cunning nature and from the pure-blood family. So, all founders of Hogwarts enchanted the sorting hat with these traits in mind to choose the students for the house.

Slytherin’s thoughts were the exact opposite of Gryffindor who believed that every student must get the same chance and muggle-borns are allowed to study magic too. Slytherin caused a great dispute with others and left the school.

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