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Did you know that Hermione’s last name was almost Puckle. Can you imagine her introducing I’m Hermione Puckle, and you? Ha-ha. It would be weird right? Her character is based in J.K.Rowling herself.

She has got that big brain that reminds us Ravenclaws. But she was sorted into Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw. Why wasn’t she placed into Ravenclaw? This is the question I was asking myself but later I learned that smartness isn’t the only trait require to be sorted into Ravenclaw. If you want to know why Hermione is a Gryffindor and not a Ravenclaw. Checkout the Ravenclaw quiz.

As you know Hermione is just perfect. Like from the start, she had already read the books and was even able to do some simple spells. She was fully enjoying her school life; I mean magical life. Who wouldn’t? but like Hermione? She took assignments and classes seriously and following rules strictly. Well, in the beginning at least.

She was the best in her classes, also bossy resulting no immediate friendship with anyone. After the Troll incident she became friends with Harry and Ron. Big incident needed to make the friendship, and that’s the start of our Golden Trio.

As she strictly followed rules, which followed Harry and Ron who were going to challenge Draco Malfoy who was just bluffing about challenging them. Draco had other plans though, told Filch about Harry and Ron instead of facing them. This is just like the Hogwarts house traits. Gryffindor’s bravery and Slytherin’s cunning. One point we noticed, Hermione followed Harry and Ron who were breaking the rules, so at the same time she did it too. Putting fire on a professor’s robe, Helped Hagrid to take care of the Dragon and acting on their own in case of the Sorcerer’s stone. Well, this is just the start of her breaking rules anyway. Later we find her enjoying breaking the rule. So, ultimately, it’s okay to break rules with a reason called ‘Moral Reasons’. And I like that. Well. I’m just saying the change, nothing more.

She was a muggle born, both parents were dentists. She liked professor Gilderoy Lockhart, I wonder how she felt after hearing that he was actually a fraud. Hermione scored full marks on his quiz, which mostly about his liking and works. She shocked everyone by asking about ‘Chamber of Secrets’ in history class, as no one was giving much attention in class, in movie, professor Mcgonagall explains about the chamber of secrets. Now she was in real danger as the targets of the Slytherin heir were muggle-born. She also solved the it was basilisk and tried searching it with mirror as direct eye contact mean sure death. Would you try to search that giant snake if you knew that watching it in mirror would not kill you? I wonder if that needs just bravery to do it. Their friends solved the mystery and saved her, while she recovered in the hospital wing, as she didn’t get normal in the regular time as other two did.

In the harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, she used time turner to attend all the classes she wanted. Mcgonagall gave her the time turner. She adopted a part kneazle ginger cat named Crookshanks. Hermione reported to Mcgonagall about the Firebolt harry received without note, as she believed it may be jinxed and sent by Sirius Black. So, the broom was taken away for inspection which caused temporary rift with Harry. Same with Ron as he accused her cat for eating his rat, which was disappeared. Oh, this is the movie when she hit Draco Malfoy for mocking Hagrid. She also knew that Remus Lupin was a werewolf from the class of Severus Snape, but she did not tell anybody as he was good teacher, and Buckbeak and Sirius with Harry by using time turner.

In the harry potter and the goblet of fire she made a group called S.P.E.W. to improve life of house-elves. This actually did not do any good as no one was thinking like her, everyone believed that house-elves enjoyed their work and Ron and Harry only joined it so that she would stop asking them. Even house-elves were not happy about it. Yes, there is a house-elf called Winky is in the book. So, we know 3 elves now, Dobby, Winky and Kreacher. Hermione told her ideas for elves in the Hogwarts kitchen, where house-elves were cooking food. The Hogwarts kitchen is not shown in the movie. She believed that harry was innocent and did not put his name in the goblet when even Ron did not believe it. With her reasoning brain she found out that Rita Skeeter was an unregistered Animagus, a beetle. That was the reason she could get private information. She threatened Rita to expose her to authorities if she would write about them for nearly a year.

Hermione and Ron became Prefects in the fifth year. Hermione continued her work for house-elves better life and learned to knit socks. Putting them into Gryffindor tower to gift them socks. But dobby was the only one taking those. She come up with the idea that someone should teach student’s because Umbridge was not letting students to learn anything practical. So, they formed Dumbledore’s army. Hermione’s Patronus Otter is JK Rowling’s favorite animal. She enchanted coins for communication purpose and jinxed the attendance sheet. When Marietta Edgecombe told Umbridge about them, the jinx gave rash on her face with painful boils, which spelled SNEAK.

Hermione lured Umbridge into the forbidden forest and centaurs took Umbridge away. It was brilliant idea, otherwise harry would be surely tortured. Hermione obtained 10 O.W.L.s.

She was the brightest witch of the era. Here are some facts about Hermione Granger.

She would see herself, Harry and Ron in the mirror of erised.

She went back to Hogwarts to complete her N.E.W.T.s while Harry and Ron did go.

She invented her own spells.

She was featured on chocolate from cards.

Hermione Granger became the Minister for Magic.

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