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Jean Luc Picard facts you may not know

How old was Jean-Luc Picard when he died?


In Star Trek Picard season 1, Jean-Luc Picard was almost dead.  He was reborn in a synthetic body at the age of 94. According to canon, he is 96 in season 2. Patrick Stewart, the actor of Jean-Luc Picard is 81 years old. Patrick Stewart was born on 13th July 1940.

What syndrome does Jean-Luc Picard have?

Irumodic syndrome

By 2395, Picard had developed Irumodic syndrome in the anti-time future. This is a neurological disorder that causes confusion, delusions, and eventual death. This syndrome takes several years to develop and some more years until it becomes deadly.

Due to this syndrome, his friends had doubts about his claims that he has been going back and forth through time.

In the entry time, present Beverly Crusher informed Picard that he may not have the disease itself but a structural defect in his parietal lobe which can lead to many neurological disorders including Irumodic syndrome.

Alise Picard is Jean-Luc Picard’s wife in his Nexus experience (the year 2371).

The personality type of Picard?

Jean Luc Picard is an adventurer with an ISFP personality type. ISFP type person has Introverted, Prospecting, Observant, and Feeling traits. Along with these traits, Picard appreciates arts and has philosophical and intellectual thoughts.

Captain Picard Day

June 16th

The fans are celebrating 16th June as Captain Picard Day since 2007. 16th June is equivalent to stardate 47457.1. It is mentioned in the episode “The Pegasus”.

How do fans celebrate Captain Picard Day? In the episode “The Pegasus” we can see the event for schoolchildren on the USS Enterprise-D. Where the children attempt to portray the likeness of captain Picard with paintings, drawings, models, etc.

Court martialed

Being the captain of a ship, it is the captain’s responsibility for the safety of crew members and the ship itself.

The constellation class starship, the USS Stargazer was destroyed in a battle with the Ferengi ship. Captain of the stargazer, Picard had to recount the events in a court-martial regarding the destruction. Though he was not charged with wrongdoing.

Love with Best Friend’s wife

Picard had many love interests in Star Trek:  the next generation. that includes Archaeologist Vash, A cartographer named Nella, and Guinan.

Doctor Beverly Crusher met Pickard when her husband was posted on stargazer. Crusher Realised that was in love with her when they first met Because she is mentally connected with Picard via implant, but he did not reveal it.

In the series finale, in an alternate timeline, it is revealed that Pickrd and crusher got married but eventually divorced.

Picard has an artificial heart

Picard was stamped in the heart in a fight with Nausicaans. His heart was replaced with an artificial heart and it is replaced the second time when Lenarians ambushed.

Picard meets Professor X from X-Men

For some fans,  Patrick Stewart will always be Professor Charles Xavier from X-Men while for other fans he will always be Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Both professor Charles Xavier and Captain Picard meet in the comic Star Trek: The Next Generation – X-Men: Second Contact. The crew of Enterprise-D meets X-Men.  both sides wondered about the striking resemblance of their leaders. The bizarre thing about the situation is that the comic in which both leaders meet is written in 1998 which is two years before Patrick Stewart was cast as Professor X.

Jean Luc Picard’s Clone

Praetor Shinzon

You cannot underestimate even the clone of Captain Picard. Shinzon was a failed clone of Picard. The Romulan Star Empire created him after gaining the DNA of Picard. But Shinzon overthrew the Romulan Senate and declared himself as their new leader.

Cheat with Time

Episode: A Matter of Time

know the outcome of action before acting. Captain Picard has to make a decision in a no-win scenario. The Enterprise-D has to stop an ecological disaster on planet Penthera. If they do nothing, thousands will die but if take any action, millions can die. This was a very big decision, so Picard asked A Time Traveller called Berlinghoff Rasmussen for the correct outcome, which he refused to tell.

Invented Picard Maneuver

Jean Luc Picard

When Picard came in contact with the Ferengi for the first time, he was captain of the Stargazer. He put a ship into a high warp with a very short distance. This results in The Ferengi sensors tracking it as two ships.  This confusion gave captain Picard extra time to attack The Ferengi ship and destroyed it.

This technique is called Picard Maneuver.

Failed Starfleet Academy exam

Jean Luc Picard became one of the best captains of Starfleet. But he failed on his first attempt to join Starfleet Academy. He got in, on his second attempt due to the mentorship of groundskeeper Mr. Boothby. After joining The Starfleet Academy, he became one of the best candidates in his class.

Suffered from Shalaft’s Syndrome

Shalaft’s Syndrome is a disorder in which young Picard had a strong sensitivity toward sound. In this situation, mild whispers can cause agony. I was able to overcome this syndrome as a child.

Resentment from his brother

Picard‘s brother’s name is Robert Picard. Robert used to Bully his younger brother Luc-Picard. So, Jean-Luc Picard would get into trouble because of his rebellious behavior. He joined Starfleet leaving his parents and brother Robert even though his father was against it. It resulted in his brother Robert Picard having run the family wine business. This created Robert’s resentment towards his younger brother.

Became the first person to meet Ferengi

Captain in the Federation is supposed to find new life and civilizations in the vast space. Picard has made contact with more than 2 dozen new species. An unknown ship attacked the Stargazer ship and in defense Captain Picard destroyed it in defense. Later it is revealed to be Ferengi. 9 years later after this incident, Picard officially met them in the episode “The Last Outpost.”

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