Best Jim Dale harry potter and Stephen Fry harry potter audible

hp audiobooks are narrated by this people in two different version of harry potter series.

Jim Dale is an English actor and narrator of harry potter series of American version. If you have not read the book yet or want someone to read for you, you might want to start with harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone Jim Dale or harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone audiobook Stephen Fry.

Jim Dale goblet of fire set a world record for using 125 different voices for this audiobook. By harry potter part 5 order of the phoenix audiobook, Jim dale broke this record with 134 voices. Jim dale shares this record with Stephen Fry who is narrator of UK versions of the Harry Potter audio books.

Jim Dale says that this narrating has attracted a lot of reader to the audiobook as the audiobooks gives people not only reading but the voice accent that the book writer wanted to have.

You can search “Jim Dale audible” and you will get your harry potter audible books available in your country with a new experience that is different from reading the book by yourself.

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