Mind Flayer Stranger Things
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Mind Flayer Stranger Things Secrets Explained

The Mind Flayer Stranger Things. It is the shadow monster in stranger things. It is one of the 2 main antagonists (another one is Martin Brenner) of the Stranger things series.

Is the Mind Flayer a Demogorgon?

No, Mind Flayer is not a Demogorgon. It is much stronger than them and controls Demogorgon.

What does the Mind Flayer from Stranger Things look like?

Mind Flayer Stranger Things
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Mind Flayer (stranger things) is a Hugh creature being around 55-55 stories tall. Its body looks like very small particles forming a shadow-like structure. It is not clear if its main body is made of only shadow-like smoke or it has a strong physical form. It has an elliptical face of smoke without any facial features. We can see red lightening around it whenever it is shown.

What can the Mind Flayer do in Stranger Things? How strong is the Mind Flayer?

The powers of Mind Flayer will give you an idea of how strong it is.

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Hive Mind:

Mind Flayer can control the minds of creatures. It is controlling the minds of Demogorgons in the ‘upside down (stranger things)’ and later controls Will Byers in season 2. It used this mind control to stop Eleven (Millie bobby brown) using Demodogs.


By injecting a portion of itself, it slowly spreads inside a body with time. It gives them superhuman strength. Billy opens the door of the sauna room where they trapped him, he could even resist the telekinesis of Eleven. The bodies can endure damage that can kill normal humans.

Mind Flayer (Stranger Things) can learn from memories and use them for its benefit.

Biological Change and Biokinesis:

It can change the body of those it possesses. It melts the bodies of people and turns them into Monsters, like the Hospital Monster. Also, it can combine these small bodies into the main body. All the melted humans and rats are combined to make a Hugh Spider Monster shown in Stranger Things Season 3.

Power Negation:

Mind Flayer bites Eleven with its tentacles and leaves a portion inside. It weakens her power that does not recover its complete strength after 2-3 months.

Who acts as the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things?

Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) acts as Mind Flayer with is takes control over him, making him its host. In Stranger Things season 3, Dacre Montgomery (Billy Hargrove) plays it when it makes Billy its new host to take revenge on Eleven for closing the gateway of upside down (Stranger Things).

Can the Mind Flayer talk?

We only saw Mind Flayer talking through Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) as its host.

Why is the Mind Flayer after Eleven?

Why is the Mind Flayer after Eleven
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Mind Flayer (Stranger Things) is after Eleven to stop her from closing the gate again. Eleven (Millie bobby brown) is a threat to its plan because last time in season 2, Eleven closed the gate of ‘Upside Down’ world and severed its link to the human world.

How is the Demogorgon related to the Mind Flayer?

Demogorgons are the creatures from Upside Down World of Stranger Things. They are like sharks with an abnormal sense of blood and bulletproof skin. Yet, the Demogorgons take orders from Mind Flayer as it can control them.

Who is the villain in Stranger Things?

Mind Flayer and Martin Brenner are the two main protagonists of Stranger Things. Demogorgons are mindless but dangerous creatures.

Is the Mind Flayer alive?

The Mind Flayer did not die in Season 3. Spider Monster was the proxy body for Mind Flayer and was controlling the Monster from Upside Down World (Stranger Things).

Eleven (Millie bobby brown) and others defeated The Mind Flayer again, so it is pissed off, so we will see it come back in Stranger Things Season 4.

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