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Moon Knight Explained: Ammit and Scarlet Scarab Revealed

How many episodes of season 1 Moon Knight?


Is there a season 2 of Moon Knight?

As of now, we are all in the dark weather there will be season 2 of the Moon Knight. There’s no confirmation about season 2.

What happened at the end of Moon Knight?

In the penultimate episode, we learn that Marc created his Steven persona to escape his abusive mother, who blamed Marc for the death of her second child. Marc says that the only way he could survive was to create another personality, and he made Steven a happy person so that his inner voice would be happy. Marc also says that this is why he subconsciously created a third alter: because one was not enough to withstand the emotional pain he was experiencing. This shows his deep subconscious need for trauma or emotional pain to create an alter.

Ammit and Scarlet Scarab Revealed

Layla’s journey from being second in command to Marc to fully being her own leader came to a head in the finale with her allowing Taweret to use her as an avatar. The experience gave Layla superpowers—complete with glowing angel wings—and she was able to use her newfound agility and skills to take on Harrow and his men.

In the series, Khonshu and Ammit fight near the pyramids. Khonshu seems to struggle as much as Moon Knight does, but Jake Lockley—Marc Spector’s third alter ego—saves the day. He’s a deus ex machina, which means he comes from out of nowhere. That doesn’t happen in this issue, but it will in the next one. You won’t see it (unless you read it), but Layla Miller gets a cool new nickname: Scarlet Scarab. There’s a moment when a child approaches Scarlet, asking if she’s an Egyptian hero. She responds, “Yes!” Scarlet has an actual scarab on her chest that indicates she is a version of a female superhero called Scarab in the comics.

Who is Jake Lockley?

Although fans have waited for Marc’s third alter Jake Lockley to appear in season 1 of the show, they were nonetheless surprised by his entrance, which came in the form of a surprising and shocking twist. In the season finale, just as he was defeated by Moon Knight and sent to a mental ward, Harrow discovered that Khonshu is still having people carry out his orders — except it isn’t Marc behind this happening. It’s Jake Lockley, an alter no one knew existed until now.

Steven vs Jake

In the Series, the version of Marc seems less violent than the comic (who is a mercenary in the comics), and Jake Lockley just happens to be a cab driver. Jake Lockley is the opposite of Steven. Steven is the good side of Marc and Jake Lockley is the hidden bad side of Marc. Jake enjoys killing Harrow, but Marc does make the decision to apprehend him after capturing him. The Moon Knight character here speaks Spanish because Oscar Isaac is Guatemalan-a nice touch! Khonshu tells Harrow that Marc doesn’t realize how troubled he really is as he is unaware of the existence of Jake Lockley.

The series has dropped clues leading fans to speculate that Jake Lockley will be appearing soon.

In Episode 5, we saw Marc has been abused in his childhood home. Which creates Steven to compartmentalize his anguish and feel some moments of peace. Going by that logic, Jake could be an answer to Marc’s anger at the world. He has appeared at times of great duress and unlike the other two alters, hidden completely from himself.

This is why Khonshu is happy to let Marc and Steven go when Steven naively asks that the two of them be set free from the god. Khonshu knows that one version of Marc will still be on his call. However,  Layla Miller has now seen Jake Lockley, being thus far our only witness to Lockley. There is also a great likelihood of Jake having his own costume and skill set, considering that Steven has Mr. Knight and Marc has Moon Knight.

What is Moon Knight’s power?

10 Powers Of Moon Knight That Make Him One Of The Most Badass Superheroes Of All Time

Power from Moon

When there’s a full moon, Moon Knight’s strength, endurance, and speed are increased tenfold. This power comes from the Egyptian god of the moon Khonshu.

Psychic Immunity

Many enemies have struggled to influence Moon Knight with their psychic attacks because of his dissociative identity disorder. Because he is used to battling himself, he rarely can be influenced by psychic attacks.

Mercenary Skills

Khonshu, god of the moon, does not provide all of Moon Knight’s powers and combat intelligence; he also had some combat experience before becoming Khonshu’s avatar. Marc Spector was a mercenary, and he served in wars to hone his killing skills.

Werewolf Hunter

Although this isn’t a superpower, he has been known to trace werewolves for money or personal gain.

Anti-Batman stealth

One of Moon Knight’s strategies to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies is his costume. He wears a white cloak and therefore is always visible, but he never uses stealth attacks like Batman’s sneaky tricks to battle his enemies.

10 different personalities

To fight his many enemies, Marc Spector developed 10 different personalities. Although some of those personalities are constantly at odds with each other, they have also helped Moon Knight gain insight during battle.

Although he mostly uses 3 personalities: Marc, Steven, and Jake


The Egyptian God Khonshu favors Moon Knight, believing him to be the Egyptian God of Vengeance in the realm that Earth resides in. To continue Khonshu’s work smoothly on Earth, the Egyptian God has resurrected Moon Knight from the dead several times since his origins.

Shocking Pain Tolerance

Moon Knight instead of blocking and dodging attacks, lets them land on him. He does this because he has an incredibly high pain tolerance, and durability. In fact, many villains have been surprised by how much damage Moon Knight can supposedly take.


Moon Knight uses many weapons:

Crescent darts, Adaptable truncheons, Silver knuckles, Tripwire pistols, Firearms, ‘Claws, webs, and a shield’, The ankhs, His body, His suit, and cloak.

Agents and Informants

Moon Knight has a network of informants that he uses to gather information about his enemies and the crimes that are taking place in the city. These informants would never suspect that it is Moon Knight to who they are providing information because all exchanges take place over the internet.

Who is Moon Knight’s god?

Moon Knight God Khonshu Explained!

Khonshu, also known as Chons, is an ancient Egyptian entity that resides in a pocket dimension. He opposes his father Ammon Ra, the god of the Sun. While not invited to be part of the Stone Age Avengers, he chose an avatar who could enforce his will on earth and cause problems for the team. The avatar became one of many Moon Knights fighting against Ammon Ra’s avatars, the Sun Kings.

Over the years, Khonshu and his Moon Knights have repeatedly assisted Kang the Conqueror in thwarting the time-traveling villain’s attempts to secure certain powerful artifacts.

How did Khonshu choose Marc?

When Marc Spector was a boy, he crossed paths with Khonshu. During their first meeting, Khonshu chose Marc to be his new avatar; despite the boy’s mental health struggles.

In the years that followed, Khonshu frequently attempted to speak to Marc. The two crossed paths again after Marc was murdered by another man; Khonshu resurrected him and gave him superpowers. With Khonshu’s guidance, Marc traveled through time and space on various missions for the god.

It is interesting to note that Khonshu’s moral compass is not as reliable as his religious following might believe. He frequently taunts and torments Marc Spector with visions of his various victims and failures, as well as possessing and taking over Marc’s body. Khonshu even attempted to conquer the world at one point, which poisoned Marc’s relationship with his god. This motivated him to seek an alternative for his powers in the Phoenix Force, which he used to defeat Khonshu, who was afterward imprisoned on Asgard.

Is Moon Knight a copy of Batman?

Batman and Moon Knight have little in common aside from similar silhouettes of their caped superhero personas. While one is a DC icon, the other is a Marvel cult classic. The two represent opposing sides of superhero philosophies.

Batman wages a one-man war against crime in Gotham City, fueled by his own pain and a desire to prevent others from suffering the same way he has. This self-imposed mission has no end because no matter how good he does, there will always be more crime in Gotham. The cause of this cycle is something that even Batman knows about on some level — a fact made more explicit in Matt Reeves’ new film.

Moon Knight is guided by the Egyptian god Khonshu, who holds vengeance as a sacred duty. Since he was once a soldier of fortune, Moon Knight’s connection with Khonshu allows him to pursue justice without inhibition.

Batman and Moon Knight are extreme opposites. Batman, for example, relies on the no-kill rule and sees brutality as a necessary evil. Moon Knight will kill and think little of it, whereas Batman is dogmatic in making sure his hands stay clean from blood. In all honesty, the two heroes operate on wildly different ends of the spectrum.

Is Moon Knight a villain or hero?

 Moon Knight is a superhero who has a dissociative identity disorder. With this condition, he has different personalities that don’t always agree and don’t know each other. Or, put another way, Moon Knight’s secret identity doesn’t know he’s a superhero.

Who is scarlet scarab? What is Layla’s superhero name?

Layla El-Faouly—played by Egyptian-Palestinian actress May Calamawy—emerged as the Scarlet Scarab replete with an epic outfit including wings hooked to swords on each side.

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