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Nightwing and Zatanna (spoiler) and his value among DC heroes

This contains Nightwing spoilers.


Following Superboy’s apparent demise in Young Justice: Phantoms, many Young Justice fans were curious as to what Dick Grayson was up to. When Nightwing saw how much his friends, like Beast Boy, were dealing with their mental health, he was briefly spotted weeping alongside the old guard. Kaldur even gave up his role as Aquaman in order to deal with his melancholy. Little information, however, was provided on Nightwing’s grieving process.

After Dick recognized he had a duty after leading the team’s initial iteration, Nightwing ultimately made a comeback in the final plot arc of the season. But instead of teaming up with Oracle/Barbara Gordon to look into Superboy’s death, Dick chose to cooperate with Zatanna. In an unexpected turn of events, their interactions together provided rather strong evidence that she—and not Barbara—is Dick’s genuine soul mate.


In several comic books, video games, animated films, and other animations, Dick and Barbara have been star-crossed lovers. But in Young Justice, Zatanna is given more of Dick’s attention, downplaying their relationship. Dick, who was still Robin at the time, warmed up to Zatanna when Bruce Wayne brought her in as a teenager. She and Dick had a brief but organic romance, and she was the one who knew Dick the best of all the characters. Sadly, duty interfered with their romance.

When Zatanna discovered that Superboy’s spirit was still alive in the Phantoms, their chemistry sprang back to life. Zee, as he lovingly referred to her, asked Dick for assistance in finding a detective to find Conner. Dick had to engage in some computer hacking in order to collect the data, which demonstrated that he had grown past whatever feelings he may have had for Barbara. Although he acknowledged that Oracle might have been used for the task, he insisted that the two of them had it covered. That appeared to be evidence that he had affection for Zatanna alone.

Nightwing_and_Zatanna team

The two discovered through their inquiry that Superman has a time-traveling hidden mission of his own. Eventually, Rocket revealed to them her brief encounter with a Phantom Zone gateway on New Genesis, which had featured a struggle with Lor-Zod and the heartbreaking loss of Tomar-Re. Rocket’s mental fortress was breached by Zatanna in order to discover proof that Conner was imprisoned in the Zone.

The heroes were shocked by this revelation since it confirmed what Young Justice fans had long suspected. It also demonstrated how effective Zatanna and Nightwing are individually and as a relationship. The movie “Rescue and Search” demonstrated how the two characters complement one another both on and off the job. If they’ve learned anything from Superboy going missing, it’s that life is fleeting and they should make the most of it. Hopefully, they can save Conner and have a happy ending.

Why Nightwing is the Most Important Hero, according to DC


Nightwing, also known as Dick Grayson or the original Robin, is one of the most significant characters in the world, according to DC. The main plot of Nightwing #47 has Dick attempting to defeat Wyrm, a brand-new antagonist. Nightwing has some success; Wyrm’s scheme is stopped, but he avoids punishment. However, what Dick Grayson’s position in the DCU is confirmed to be is what makes Nightwing #47 more fascinating.

By the issue’s conclusion, it is made clear that Wyrm has grand intentions for Nightwing. Because Dick Grayson is the most significant hero in the DC Universe, Wyrm seeks to take control of Nightwing’s mind.

In all honesty, Nightwing serves as the archetypal pivot around which DC’s most powerful characters revolve.

nightwing batman superman

The majority of Nightwing #47 focuses on Dick’s attempts to cripple Wyrm at the knees (with a lot of help from Batgirl). Wyrm is a malevolent, self-aware AI that wants to use technology to rule Bludhaven. The heroic quest consists primarily of talking about technology and beating people, but things really start to become interesting when Wyrm tells his henchman Willem Cloke—and subsequently the audience—why he is seeking Nightwing.

Nightwing is the “centre in a network of heroes,” according to Wyrm. In other words, Batman’s former ward is linked to every significant character in the DC Universe as either Nightwing or Dick Grayson. The fact that Dick Grayson was the first Robin solidifies his relationship with Batman and the rest of the Batfamily. He even joined the Justice League and took on the role of Batman for lengthy periods of time. He served as the Teen Titans’ initial captain and is currently in charge of DC’s newest Titans team. Additionally, as the DC historians are aware, Superman and a portion of Kryptonian legend are also sources for the name Nightwing.

nightwing superman

In the DC Universe itself, Dick Grayson may be the most well-liked person. Even though he is not as well-known as Batman, Superman, or even Wonder Woman, Dick has earned the respect of the greatest heroes over the course of his career. Wyrm believes that by seizing control of Nightwing, he will get access to the complete roster of DC superheroes.

Wyrm has more ambitions than just the (failed) invasion of Bludhaven. Beyond it, Wyrm seeks to rule the world, and Nightwing holds the key to doing this.

Wyrm’s objectives in the setting of Nightwing’s comic book series are rather simple. After all, supervillains have always sought to rule the globe. How Wyrm’s reflections act as a canon affirmation of Nightwing’s significance is the subject of significantly more insightful analysis. He has always been a well-liked, powerful figure. However, DC hasn’t often been so clear about his significance, leaving those conjectures to the most ardent followers.

The possibility of a Nightwing movie in the DCEU makes the confirmation all the more fascinating. Will the film highlight or establish Nightwing’s significance inside the DC Extended Universe in an effort to have him interact with the other franchise stars? A Nightwing movie may also choose a more independent course, similar to what Wonder Woman or Shazam! appear to be banking on to succeed.

DC Films will face a hurdle if interpersonal relationships are a big part of what makes Dick Grayson so unique.

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