prisoner of azkaban
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Best Prisoner of Azkaban and Great Marauders Quizzes

Welcome to The Marauders Quiz! In this Prisoner of Azkaban Quiz, you will find many interesting things about Marauders. Things that you already know and things that you don’t know. Some of them will even surprise you. For those who are eager to take this Marauders Quiz, jump straight into it, and those who want to refresh their memories first, keep reading.

prisoner of azkaban
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The Marauders in Prisoner of Azkaban

The Marauders’ story is one of my favourites, a masterpiece of J.K. Rowling. Almost everybody likes Fred and George Weasley, the two were inseparable. Just like them, in the time of James Potter, the marauders were mischief makers.

The Marauders were the Four Gryffindors and best buddies. They were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

Sirius Black

prisoner of azkaban
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Sirius Black was from a pure-blood family, pure-blood was pride of their family. His family believed in Voldemort’s ideas of pure-blood. The family also insisted to marry a respected pure-blood.

Sirius Black did not like this maniac. So, Sirius got unhappy childhood as he was hated by other family members. While others from the family were chosen into Slytherin house, Sirius was chosen into Gryffindor house, which showed that his views were different from others in family.

Remus Lupin

prisoner of azkaban
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Remus Lupin was a werewolf. Fenrir Greyback bit him to take revenge to Lupin’s father. Lupin’s parents did their best to cure him but there was no cure at that time and they were unable to help Lupin from turning into a werewolf.

The potion that Severus Snape made for Lupin in Prisoner of Azkaban when he became teacher was not invented at that time. With the Wolfsbane Potion, Lupin was able to be in control of his mind when he turned into werewolf. Albus Dumbledore allowed Lupin to attend Hogwarts to study and Lupin made these good friends here.

Other three didn’t know about it. Lupin was making many kinds of stories like his mother was ill and he had to go home, because every month, Lupin would turn into a werewolf. He was terrified that his friend would desert him if they found out the truth, as he had friends first time in his life.

How Marauders became Animagus!

prisoner of azkaban
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In the second-year others found out why Lupin was leaving, but to his surprise they didn’t desert him at all. They did exactly the opposite. Werewolves are only harmful to humans; they do not attack animals. So, three of them became Animagi, meaning that they can transform from human to animal at will. It took them three years to learn how to do it.

In the Fifth year, they succeeded. A werewolf is only harmful to humans not animals. So, others could not reach Lupin when he was a werewolf, but now they could give him company as animals.

James turned into a stag, Sirius into a dog and Peter a Rat. Three of them sneak out of the castle and get to the shrieking shack, where Lupin would go every full moon night as he would become werewolf that day. It was guarded by the whomping willow, a big tree which hit you hard with its branches.

So, Peter being the smallest (Rat) would sneak under the branches and touch the knot which would freeze the tree. Then others would go into the tunnel and join Lupin.

The Marauders and their nicknames

They knew about Hogwarts Grounds and Hogsmeade more than any other students and using this knowledge they made the map called “The Marauder’s Map”. It showed entire school ground along with Hogsmeade, where each person in the castle was at any given moment.

They called their group Marauders and also gave nickname. James-Prongs, Sirius-Padfoot, Lupin-Moony and Peter-Wormtail.

James Potter and Lily Evans

James had a habit was rumbling his hair and playing with snitch. Making the snitch lose and catch again when it starts to get away. He started taking interest in Lily Evans, sometimes bullied people to get her attention but none of them actually worked. The Marauders bullied snape many times.

One day, after they finished their O.W.L.s the four sat at the lake. Sirius said he was bored and wished it was full moon. James points out Snape, and they got up. Lupin and Pettigrew remained sitting. James and Sirius started bulling Snape. Meanwhile, Lily came and told them to stop it. James replied that if Lily goes out with him, he would leave Snape and she replied she would rather go with a squid from the lake. And the same time Snape called Lily a mud-Blood that he didn’t need her help. So, James told him to apologize to her. Lily walks away and James continued to bully him.

After that, they matured a lot and Lily noticed it, eventually ended up marrying James. The Marauder’s joined The Order of Phoenix to fight Voldemort.

Prisoner of Azkaban and the Prophecy

Snape heard the prophecy by Trelawney. He told it to Voldemort but Snape did not hear the complete prophecy. When Voldemort decided to kill Harry, Snape pleaded Dumbledore to save Lily. Dumbledore agreed to help him and asked potters and his friends to hide themselves.

So, Lily and James asked Sirius Black to become their secret keeper but Sirius thought it was too obvious and Voldemort will go after him, so he decided to make Peter Pettigrew the secret keeper of the hiding place of potters as no one would doubt Peter. But Peter betrayed his friends and sided with Voldemort. He told him about the hiding place of Potters. When Sirius Black get there and found his friends dead, he immediately went after Peter as he was the only one who could have told it to Voldemort. He found him, but Peter killed several muggles along with his finger and got away turning into his animagus form rat which he learnt thanks to his friends whom he betrayed and Sirius was blamed to kill the muggles and sent to Azkaban prison.

Peter started living with Weasleys as it was a safe place for him to stay as low profile.

Prisoner of Azkaban and Peter Pettigrew’s betrayal!

prisoner of azkaban
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Peter was with other three because he was safe with them, weak as he was. After the rise of Voldemort, he had no reason to stay with them as they could not protect him now. So, he switches sides. Self-centered nature is of Slytherins. He should have been chosen into Slytherin, what do you think?

What do you think?

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