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Deathly Hallows the Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz (Part 2/2)

The Deathly Hallows has its own story. This Harry Potter Quiz is about the last part Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Do you know the real reason why Voldemort could not kill Harry Potter in the forbidden forest? How much do you know about Deathly Hallows and the end of Voldemort? You will find out soon.

  • Question of

    Which Horcrux was in possession of Bellatrix Lestrange?

    • The Ring
    • The Locket
    • The Cup
    • The Diadem
  • Question of

    Behind who’s portrait there is a secret passage to Hogwarts?

    • Regulus Black
    • Ariana Dumbledore
    • The Fat Lady
    • Merlin
  • Question of

    Who does Harry ask about The Diadem?

    • Helga Ravenclaw
    • Prince Ravenclaw
    • Rowena Ravenclaw
    • Helena Ravenclaw
  • Question of

    Who was the second person with Draco Malfoy in the room of requirement other than Goyle while Harry went to search for The Diadem?

    • Vincent Crabbe
    • Blaise Zabini
    • Marcus Flint
    • Theodore Nott
  • Question of

    Which curse of Goyle put room of requirement on fire?

    • Fiendfyre curse
    • Blasting Curse
    • Conjunctivitis Curse
    • Expulso Curse
  • Question of

    What was used to destroy The Diadem?

    • Gryffindor Sword
    • It was destroyed by the fire
    • Elder Wand
  • Question of

    Snape was ready to do ‘………’ if Dumbledore helps him to save Lily.

    • Stop being a death eater
    • Spy for Dumbledore
    • Start living a good life
    • Anything
  • Question of

    What magic Snape used to hide his loyalty to Dumbledore from Voldemort?

    • Legilimency
    • Occlumency
    • Protego
    • Protego Maxima
  • Question of

    Which Deathly Hallow proved to be a weakness of Dumbledore?

    • The Elder Wand
    • The Resurrection Stone
    • The Invisibility Cloak
  • Question of

    Harry said to snitch “……..” and it opened.

    • I open at the close
    • I am ready to die
    • This is the end
    • The end is near

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