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Dobby Harry Potter Quiz

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    What cloth Dobby was wearing? (chamber of secrets)

    • Towel
    • Pillowcase
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    Why Dobby burst into tears when he visited Harry? (chamber of secrets)

    • Harry offered Dooby to sit like an equal
    • Harry offered his cake to Dobby
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    A house elf is bound to serve a family for? (chamber of secrets)

    • Forever until set free
    • Until the original master dies
    • Until the contract years are over
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    Dobby dropped it into kitchen to stop Harry going to Hogwarts. (chamber of secrets)

    • Utensil
    • Pudding
    • Oven
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    Why Dobby smiled when Harry told to strangle him when his bones are back? (chamber of secrets)

    • Dobby is more powerful than Harry
    • He trusted Harry won’t do it
    • Dobby was used to death threats
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    Why Dobby wore pillowcase? (chamber of secrets)

    • Draco asked him to wear it
    • It’s a mark of enslavement
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    Dobby enchanted to grievously injure Harry. (chamber of secrets)

    • Bludger
    • Quaffle
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    Why Dobby was helping Harry Potter? (chamber of secrets)

    • Harry was the reason for fall of Voldemort which made elves’ life better
    • Harry fought bravely in his first year (sorcerer’s stone)
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    Who said this: If Dobby doesn’t stop trying to save your life he’s going to kill you. (chamber of secrets)

    • Hermione
    • Ron
    • Hagrid

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