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What will come from upside down world stranger things? stranger things season 4 is coming in 2022 and we are all so excited for it.

eggos stranger things

  • Question of

    What is upside down world stranger things?

    • an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world
    • an alternate dimension created by eleven which resembles human world
  • Question of

    Who was the first person to see demogorgon stranger things?

    • Eleven
    • Dr. Alexei
  • Question of

    What game the boys playing?

    • The Dragon Master
    • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Question of

    Whose role was Dungeon Master?

    • Mike
    • Will
    • Dustin
  • Question of

    Who goes missing on Nov. 06, 1983?

    • Yes
    • Will Byers
  • Question of

    After winning the race, what comic does Will want from Dustin?

    • Batman #134
    • X-Men #134
  • Question of

    What Words Does Will Spell Out in The Christmas Lights?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What words does Will spell out through Christmas lights from upside down world stranger things ?

    • Save
    • Run
  • Question of

    Who dies first?

    • A scientist of Hawkins Lab
    • Benny, of Benny’s Burgers
    • Barbara Holland
  • Question of

    Name of the road Will usually takes home from Mike’s?

    • Westline
    • Mirkwood
  • Question of

    Who opened the gate of upside down world stranger things?

    • A machine at Hawkins Lab
    • Eleven
  • Question of

    Demogorgon stranger things cannot survive in the day light.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    The song starts playing in Jonathan’s car that reminds him of Will?

    • “Should I stay of should I go”
    • “Here I go again”
  • Question of

    What Is the Password to Enter Castle Byers?

    • Radagast
    • Roadwood
  • Question of

    What fake name Eleven uses when she goes to the school with others?

    • Elizabeth
    • Eleanor
  • Question of

    What eleven was doing when she accidentally came in contact with demogorgon stranger things?

    • Breaking a Coke bottle
    • Eavesdropping on a Russian spy
  • Question of

    Eggos stranger things: Whose favorite food it is?

    • Dustin
    • Eleven
  • Question of

    In which upside down world stranger things version place Demogorgon was storing bodies?

    • Public library
    • The Hawkins Lab
  • Question of

    In the homemade sensory deprivation tank, where does Eleven find Will in the Upside Down world stranger things?

    • In his room
    • Inside the Castle Byers

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