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Ravenclaw Hogwarts House

Welcome to The Ravenclaw House Quiz! In this Harry Potter Quiz, you will find many interesting Ravenclaw traits. Things that you already know and things that you don’t know. Some of them will even surprise you. For those who are eager to take this Ravenclaw House Quiz, jump straight into it, and for those who want to refresh their memories first, keep reading.

If someone wants to describe Ravenclaws in one word, it would be “Smart”. But that’s from the surface. It’s not just being smart, because we can find smartness in other houses too. Hermione Granger and Dumbledore are from Gryffindor house and they both are exceptionally smart people. In the Slytherin house, Prof. Severus Snape, Voldemort, and Draco Malfoy are smart people and in the Hufflepuff house, Cedric Diggory was chosen to represent the legendary tri wizard tournament, this does include his smartness, then what does? He was the best student at that time and that is why he was chosen to represent Hogwarts. Then in which ways Ravenclaws are different and unique? What does it mean to be smart that puts students into Ravenclaw House? We will know it all!

Ravenclaws’ smartness is about thinking different, thinking out of the box, thinking an alternative way, getting deeper, and following your mind wherever it leads.

Characteristics of Ravenclaws and why Hermione is not a Ravenclaw!

When the house name is spoken; smart and studious come to our mind. Just like our Hermione. But she is not a Ravenclaw, although she can think smart and rationally, she cannot break through that imaginative possibility that a Ravenclaw would find naturally.

JK Rowling said that Hermione Granger is the opposite of Luna Lovegood. Hermione thinks through every tiny detail and applies many logics but she won’t be open-minded to trust the impossible without any bases. Luna Lovegood on the other hand would believe 10 impossible things before breakfast.

The Ravenclaws are more Imaginative and learning. The smartest people are truly Open-Minded, the ones who go beyond the usual boundaries of categories and assumptions, that limit a normal person from things beyond. They get at the truth underneath surface appearances. Ravenclaws possess intellectuality and curiosity, they value wisdom just because. They don’t study just for the sake of Grades and career like other house students.

It doesn’t matter to them if others don’t get them. They are okay with what others think about them because it takes high intelligence just to recognize high intelligence.

Professor Trelawney is a Ravenclaw, another example of thinking broad, that a straight thinker cannot even imagine. At first, it looks like Divination is not a subject to get given much attention. Well, I think it’s because not everyone can master this high level of skill. She made many crucial prophecies that were accurate.

Garrick Ollivander, the wandmaker is also a Ravenclaw. He sees deeply into his subject, like talking about wands and not caring about looking odd to others. He can remember each and every wand that he has sold.

Intelligence isn’t always good, as it can be used in good and bad ways as intelligence itself doesn’t mean having a moral code. The first two-year professors are the perfect examples of this. Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart used his wit to get glory from others. He even removed others’ memory to get himself a name that was not truly his own. I wonder if Dumbledore knew about him and he also knew that something bad would happen to every student at the end of the year and that is why he was hired. Just a guess, but knowing Dumbledore, it might be true and he didn’t allow Severus Snape to take the defence against the dark arts post even though Snape has applied for the post many times.

Ravenclaw House colors are Blue and Bronze. The blue color represents serenity, stability, inspiration, or wisdom. Bronze is a color of the metal. Ravenclaw House element is Air. The House animal is Eagle, flying high in the sky- a symbol of freedom. just like Ravenclaws go their own way, they value freedom. Free to learn and develop their own way.

Ravenclaw Common Room

As we know the entrance to every house is unique. If you need to enter Ravenclaw house, you will have to be smart. I guess Goyle and Crabbe won’t be able to enter Ravenclaw. The door to the Ravenclaw only opens once you answer a riddle posed by the bronze, eagle-shaped door knocker. If you don’t know the right answer, you have to wait to go in with someone who knows. Only a Ravenclaw would think about entrance like that, wouldn’t you agree? Because for me it is pretty much annoying to answer a riddle just to enter the house. In book, we can see that Prof. McGonagall had no problem entering the house as was able to answer the riddle correctly.

 The Ravenclaw Tower is high above every house. You have to climb upstairs to get there. Good for our health. Its common room is wide and circular with arched windows. The walls have blue and bronze silks obviously, the house color, and have a domed ceiling painted with stars. Just the home people like Luna Lovegood would think of. Most of the places cover tables, chairs, and bookcases.

There’s a white statue of Rowena Ravenclaw next to the door, which leads to the dormitories above.

The Ravenclaw ghost is The Grey Lady, daughter of the Ravenclaw house founder Rowena Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaw Facts you would like to know

Professor McGonagall was almost a Ravenclaw just like Hermione. This is called “hatstall” when sorting hat takes more time to decide a Hogwarts house for students between two houses.

Floo Powder was invented by Ignatia Wildsmith, who was a Ravenclaw.

Moaning Myrtle Is a Ravenclaw.

Helena Ravenclaw, daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw was killed by the Slytherin house ghost Bloody Baron.


Ravenclaws in one line? It’s the wit to see beyond normal logic and complete freedom of mind.

Just dive into this Harry Potter Quiz which includes awesome ways to understand the Ravenclaw house and you will have more knowledge about Ravenclaw house than many other people. As we have included many tricky questions that only a true Potterhead can answer. Go and test how much you know about Ravenclaws.

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