Red She-Hulk_ 10 Facts Only True Fans Know

Red She-Hulk: 10 Facts Only True Fans Know

Red She-Hulk has been around for nearly ten years. But, there are still many things about her that Marvel fans undoubtedly don’t know.

Red She-Hulk seemed like the logical progression after Marvel went Hulk-crazy for a period, creating Red Hulk, Skaar, the Son of Hulk, and other characters.

Her identification also made sense because it came out that she was Betty Ross. She had been revived by gamma radiation and had been transformed to resemble her father, Thunderbolt Ross. Betty’s change revealed a completely new side to her, one that was able to express wrath and prioritize her needs over those of others. She became one of the most powerful individuals on Earth as a result of this change in perception of her.

The first appearance of Red She-Hulk

red she hulk fights x force
CBSI comics

Red She-Hulk’s appearance included a fight with X-Force. Red Hulk accidentally ran across Domino’s squad, which included X-Force, while pursuing Domino after she saw him kill someone.

The Red Hulk was pushed off the Empire State by her

red hulk vs red she hulk
marvel comic

Soon after beginning to work with the Red Hulk, Betty began to reveal her true nature. She turned against her father during the second confrontation between him and X-Force. She had become tired of the way he had treated her for so long.

Red Hulk temporarily had the upper hand, but she led him to believe she was on his side before kicking him over the Empire State Building as soon as he let his guard down.


Red She-Hulk is able to push through dimensions

She was initially under the Leader’s control, whose plan was to kidnap and brainwash all of the Avengers and Fantastic Four’s top brains.

When Betty found Hank Pym, he had locked himself in the mansion and altered the door he was standing behind. It would point anyone who opened it in a different direction. Unfortunately, Betty was able to enter an alternate reality quickly and end up right next to him.

She took DOMINO’S Uniform

Betty first encountered the X-Force when she ran across Domino and Elektra, who were devising a strategy to put a halt to the fighting between the X-Force and Ross’ crew. Betty had intended to kill them both, but Domino unexpectedly launched an assault that destroyed her clothing.

Red She-Hulk stripped Domino of her clothing before Elektra stabbed her, allowing them both to flee as Betty recovered, outraged at being left naked. This explains why she made her initial appearance wearing ragged clothing and Elektra’s sai.

She appeared with the defenders

red she hulk defenders
view comic

Red She-Hulk didn’t stick around to carry out many valiant acts. She had mostly lost herself in the Hulk’s story and was back to normal before anyone realized what was going on.

Betty soon joins forces with Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Namor, and Silver Surfer to form a temporary version of The Defenders, though. She gets to put her strength and teamwork skills to the test there as the muscle rather than being just another Hulk in a group of Hulks.

Not a big Bruce Banner fan?

It is made clear that Red She-Hulk’s initial thoughts about Bruce Banner are conflicted. Betty and Bruce are shown interacting after the conclusion of the first significant plot arc involving her, with Bruce making an effort to show his love for her.

He is dismissed by Betty, who notes that their marriage ended because she was “dead” for a while. She continues by mentioning that Bruce and Caiera were married on the planet Sakaar. Bruce persisted in trying to give her back her wedding ring despite her resistance until she snapped and changed.

Major Talbot and Red She-Hulk got married.

Bruce the Hulk fell in love with Jarella very early in his career. The Hulk saved her planet from several monsters, and the two ultimately fell in love.

After a struggle, Betty thought she had lost Bruce when she heard him speak while unconscious and learned about Jarella’s existence. Instead of waiting, she decided to marry Glenn Talbot, who would subsequently be arrested while attempting to save Betty’s father from the Soviets.

Betty’s power is revoked by Hulk.

After a while, there were simply too many Hulk-like characters roaming the streets.

Therefore, after becoming “Doc Green” after being infected with the Extremis virus to recover his mind, Hulk went about eradicating the gamma radiation from everyone he knew. Instead of confronting Betty, he hid the remedy in her meal, which allowed her to return to normal.

She is turned into a Harpy before Red She-Hulk.

The transformation of Betty into Red She-Hulk was not her first. In Incredible Hulk # 68, MODOK kidnaps Betty and uses her for research, injecting her with massive amounts of gamma radiation.

This turns her into the Harpy, who engages the Hulk in combat and initially succeeds in knocking him unconscious with the use of an energy weapon she has.

The Harpy’s return

After Bruce was slain, Betty hid from view, but the Hulk ultimately located her and said he had been too distraught to speak to her for months. However, an agent seeking to murder the Hulk accidentally shot Betty to death while the two of them were speaking.

She did, however, make a comeback because of the special characteristics of gamma radiation. This time, Betty transformed into a hybrid of her Red She-Hulk and Harpy forms, becoming red rather than green.

Red She-Hulk: Betty’s Transformation Into Gamma Monsters

Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross)

Spoilers Ahead: The Immortal Hulk # 46.

Betty Ross has been crucial to Bruce Banner’s path since the Hulk was created. Betty has unavoidably become entangled in Bruce’s tumultuous existence as the love of his life.

Bruce has, however, had the most impact on Betty when she has changed into the Red She-Hulk and the Harpy, two distinct gamma monsters.


harpy betty ross
comic stallion

Betty underwent her first significant change when Steve Englehart and Herb Trimpe published Incredible Hulk # 68 in 1973. MODOK kidnaps Betty and puts her inside a gamma-ray transformer in an effort to kill the Hulk. As a result, Betty transformed into the Harpy, getting green skin and wings. The Hulk was to be destroyed, and the Harpy was to fight him.

 While General Thunderbolt Ross (her father) tried to communicate with her, Betty engaged in combat with the US military as her alter ego, Harpy. Betty was eventually healed of her mutation when the Hulk and Harpy encountered the mysterious creature known as the Bi-Beast. Naturally, Betty periodically changed back into the Harpy. For instance, the Harpy came back to battle Professor Hulk in a flashback during the 2019 film Incredible Hulk: Last Call

Red Harpy

Currently, Betty is a Red Harpy, a different kind of Harpy. Red Harpy is far less vocal than her prior incarnation, and her skin is red rather than green, which are the main contrasts between Red Harpy and her original form. Betty has fought with the Hulk as Red Harpy in battles against General Fortean, Roxxon, and the Avengers.

Red She-Hulk

Betty first took the shape of the Red She-Hulk before changing into the Red Harpy. Before making her first complete appearance in the next issue, this new Hulk had a brief appearance in Hulk #15, published in 2009. General Ross, Betty’s father, battled X-Force after transforming into the Red Hulk. Red She-Hulk appeared during the subsequent fight and appeared to be there to aid Red Hulk. It goes without saying that the Red She-Hulk abandoned Ross as soon as it appeared that she was on his side. It led to more suspicions about who she really was. The Red She-Hulk’s identity as Betty Ross wasn’t revealed until the final pages of Incredible Hulk #609 in 2010.

Betty had been changed into the Red She-Hulk by the Intelligencia, which included the Leader and MODOK. In her transformed state, Betty was even more irate and showed disdain for Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Although Bruce and Betty had forged an uneasy partnership by the time of 2010’s Incredible Hulks, Betty had joined the “Incredible Hulks.” Betty supported Marvel’s other heroes too.

Goodbye Red She-Hulk

Betty’s powers were not revoked until Hulk #8, published by Gerry Duggan and Mark Bagley in 2014. On the hunt for gamma mutants, Doc Green was an intelligent counterpart of the Hulk. Even though Betty is no longer the Red She-Hulk, her red skin still shows in her Red Harpy form.

 The Harpy and Red She-Hulk were generally furious with anyone who had injured Betty Ross. Furthermore, both entities harbored immense resentment toward Bruce Banner as a result of Betty’s death and the chaos caused by her gamma mutation. It’s also curious that MODOK had a hand in the invention of the Red She-Hulk and the Harpy.

Betty appears to be reliving her prior lives as the Red She-Hulk and the Harpy in her present role as the Red Harpy. Betty is collaborating with the Hulk in the same way as the Red She-Hulk did under the guise of the Harpy. Furthermore, as previously stated, Betty and Bruce’s relationship is strained. In the end, Bruce Banner’s roles as Red She-Hulk and Harpy were given to Betty Ross.

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