Star Trek Prodigy

Star Trek Prodigy: Everything you need to know

The new take: Star Trek Prodigy on the classic series is made for young audiences, it has enough eye-catching special effects to keep the whole family entertained.

Is Star Trek: Prodigy out?

Oct. 28, 2021

Do people like Star Trek: Prodigy? What age is it for?

Adult Trekkies will find a lot to love in this new show. It goes out of its way to re-explain familiar Trek staples like replicators, but it never talks down to kids. The show is simply a different kind of Trek series for a new generation—one that welcomes adults with open arms.

Will Star Trek: Prodigy be canon?

When it comes to fandom, no one likes to see their favorite characters and storylines screwed up, which is why fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation were pleased to know that the new animated show is canon. While speaking at Comic-Con@Home in July 2021, director Ben Hibon assured fans that he would do his best to make sure that the new show fit within established canon.

“This show isn’t just for kids,” Ben said during the panel. “It’s just for people who love animation, sci-fi. The ambition of this show is that, you know, kids should watch it with their parents and vice versa. And so we wanted to make sure it has that kind of visual impact because Prodigy is canon.

Where can I see Star Trek: Prodigy in the UK?

You can watch it on the Nickelodeon channel in the UK

It started with nine countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa. UK, France, Spain, and Portugal for Europe. Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines in Asia. And in Africa, in Nigeria and South Africa.

How many Star Trek: Prodigy episodes will there be?

Ten Episodes

The Prodigy episodes are currently debuting every week.

Prodigy Total seasons?


Will there be a Star Trek: Prodigy season 2?

Paramount+ has confirmed that the second season of the show is on the way, according to Deadline. The first season’s mid-season finale is only beginning to loom on the horizon, but its numbers have been impressive enough that Paramount+ has already confirmed Season 2 is incoming.

Is Star Trek: Prodigy doing well?

Despite receiving some tepid reviews, it is doing well. Although the film has received scores ranging from 61 to 84 on Metacritic, it is doing very well in regards to viewing numbers.

What species is Dal Star Trek: Prodigy?

a humanoid species found in the Delta Quadrant

What ship is in Star Trek: Prodigy?

The USS Protostar

It has a similar design to USS Voyager.

Why is Janeway in Prodigy?

In the new series Prodigy, Mulgrew lends her voice to a holographic image of Janeway. The series is intended for kids, so this hologram depicts the literal voice of one generation helping to guide the next.

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