Star Trek Romulan

Star Trek Romulan and their best episodes!

Star Trek Romulan is a humanoid race.


Romulus and Remus

 The first contact between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire took place on stardate 1709.2 when a Romulan ship fired on a U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. They didn’t know much about this species except for some theories.

 While Romulans share a common ancestry with the Vulcans, they are significantly different in both physiology and behavioral characteristics. Romulan technology includes the “cloaking device,” which allows them stealth.

  The Romulans, related to the Vulcans, have subtle physiological differences that sometimes make medical treatment difficult. Although they resemble humans in many ways, their ribosomes do not match those of humans or Vulcans — but they do match those of Klingons.

 The race discards genetically or physically inferior infants, and they intend to conquer the galaxy. They believe that the Federation is exploitative and short-sighted. Jarok’s metabolism is faster than humans which helps him to heal skin burns faster.

Star Trek Romulan does not attack first as they try to assess the intention of the enemies. Picard calls it seems like a chess game.

The Klingons have been depicted as the more brutal and the Borg as the more frightening of Star Trek’s alien races. Romulans are one of the most consistent villains. They rely on deceit and trickery to achieve their goals.

Best Romulan Episodes in Star Trek

Birthright (The Next Generation)

 In the episode “Birthright” from The Next Generation, Lt. Worf discovers his biological father may still be alive and sets out on a quest to find him. Along the way, he discovers a community of Klingon and Romulan prisoners of war who are living together in harmony.

 Although Worf always felt out of place in either the Klingon world or the human world, he was especially uncomfortable around Romulans. Because he couldn’t fully trust them, even if they proved peaceful, “Birthright” is a fascinating story about Star Trek’s most reviled villains.

The Enemy (The Next Generation)

 The Romulan species made several appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation. They were one of the most consistent villains to appear in the long-running series. The episode “The Enemy” finds Geordie LaForge trapped on a dangerous planet where he must work together with a Romulan soldier in order for them both to survive.

 In “The Enemy,” the crew of the Enterprise is forced to work with their deadly enemy, the Romulans. The episode shows that although they come from different cultures, there is more in common between them than they may believe. While it may not be considered one of the best episodes of The Next Generation, it is still a shining example of what made the show great.

Face Of The Enemy (The Next Generation)

 The members of the Federation have gone to great lengths to promote peace and understanding with their enemies. Even when it meant sacrificing their own safety. In the Next Generation episode “Face of the Enemy,” Counselor Troi was surgically altered to look like a Romulan in order to save Romulans and Starfleet officers from a war that threatened everyone.

 In spite of its convoluted plot, “The Next Phase” gives the viewer an inside look at the mysterious world of the Romulans. This episode gives Troi the chance to shine. She attempts to save the day and she does it with style.

Unification (The Next Generation)

 “Unification” is an exciting episode, but the return of a beloved character makes it even better. In this episode, Ambassador Spock goes on a dangerous mission to bring peace to Romulus and Vulcan.

 In “Unification,” Spock’s mission brings him into the world of The Next Generation. He attempts to save the day with his powerful logic. This episode is a treat for fans because it not only brings back Spock but also shows off the Romulan home world and more backstory on the mystery villains.

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (Deep Space Nine)

 Deep Space Nine was primarily concerned with threats from the Dominion. Bashir also had several run-ins with Romulans over the course of the series. In the episode “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges,” Bashir travels to the Romulan homeworld—with Section 31’s blessing—to attend a medical conference. On the way there, he is recruited by Section 31 to provide medical care to a high-ranking Romulan official.

 The episode showcases all of the qualities that made later seasons of DS9 great, including intrigue and a sense of high stakes. It also establishes a dark tie between the Federation and the Romulan Empire; a connection that persists even today in the form of the Dominion War.

The Defector (The Next Generation)

  In many great Romulan episodes, the characters are portrayed as being untrustworthy. “The Defector” is one such episode, in which a high-ranking Romulan official uses the Enterprise for asylum. He claims to be defecting with information about an imminent invasion.

  Although most Star Trek aliens use their bodies to get what they want, the Romulans are masters at deception. In “The Defector,” Captain Picard faces one of his biggest challenges. It requires him to think logically while also using his compassion for a former enemy.

The Enterprise Incident (The Original Series)

  The Romulans made an impression on viewers in their few appearances on Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain Kirk orders the Enterprise into Romulan space where it is promptly captured by forces loyal to the Romulan Empire. Defying his captain, Spock must find a way to free his crew from the clutches of their enemy.

  In “The Enterprise Incident,” the series continued to add to its Romulan mythos. Spock got to be the star of the episode as outwits the Romulans.

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