Stranger Things 4 Vecna villain Explained

 Stranger Things season 4 Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season 4, volume 1. The fourth season of Stranger Things premiered on May 27, introducing fans to Upside Down’s ultimate villain, Vecna. In a Variety interview, the show’s creators described the villain as: “a psychological horror that I don’t think we’ve really seen”.

 The episode drops with a twist that changes everything. Reveals who Vecna is and what he wants with Eleven and the town of Hawkins. The reveal gives fans answers to long-running questions from season 1.

Who is Vecna in stranger things season 4?


 A humanoid monster with black skin and vines that he can control. Vecna lives in the Upside Down while psychically reaching into the human world. Not unlike the Mind Flayer’s connection with Will, he murders Hawkins’ teenagers in a truly gruesome fashion.

 Like many other Upside Down monsters, Vecna is named after Dungeons & Dragons creatures. The lich aka Vecna is a powerful undead wizard who will stop at nothing to become a god. Like the Stranger Things villain, he feeds off people’s trauma to gain power over them.

 While the show’s fourth season marks the first murder streak committed by the monster in Hawkins, it turns out the monster had wreaked havoc previously. Nancy Wheeler learns that the Creel family, led by Victor Creel, was plagued by visions. Dead animals around their home start shortly after moving to Hawkins. Eventually, all three members of the family died—leaving Victor to be falsely imprisoned for their murders. Nancy and Robin visit Victor Creel in a mental asylum and find that a demon killed his family.

What is Vecna’s Curse?

max-vecna-curse stranger things 4

 In episode 1, we see the full brunt of Vecna’s powers as they affect cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham. She suffers from an eating disorder prompted by her emotionally abusive mother.  She gets headaches and nausea. The curse lasted a week and 24 hours after the visions start, she enters a drawn-out trance. In which Vecna gruesomely kills her by levitating her, breaking all her bones, and her eyes sucking in the skull.

Vecna targets Nancy’s reporter friend while looking into Crissy matters. Vecna also targets Max, who has not overcome the death of his brother Willy. Luckily, Nancy learns that they can break the trance by listening to music which is a  kind of music therapy when they visited the mental asylum. Lucas plays her favorite song Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. So, Max is able to escape Vecna as she sees her friends from her trance.

 When Vecna kills people, he opens gateways to the Upside Down. The portals appear wherever the victim was standing. They keep growing until there are so many that there’s one in every part of Hawkins. As more open, the barrier between dimensions is weakened and may break.

How did Vecna come to be in Stranger things season 4?

vecna one stranger things season 4

 While the Hawkins gang goes in search of a way to defeat the evil deity Vecna, Eleven joins forces with Dr. Owens to undergo an experiment that will help her regain her lost powers. It turns out that Dr. Brenner has hooked up a sensory deprivation tank to a computer. So, he can control what she sees and make her relive her training in Hawkins Lab, so she can re-learn how to access her powers.

 Eleven befriends an orderly at the lab during her trips there. He recognizes that she’s the most powerful among the kids and tricks her into removing a “tracker” from his skin. He then goes on the rampage we saw in season 1’s very first scene, revealing he has been hiding a power all along. In fact, he is Number One, Brenner’s very first experimental subject for enhancing telekinetic powers.

 All of the backstories we’ve learned throughout the season come together. Number One is actually Henry Creel, son of Victor Creel, who was believed to be a victim of Vecna. As a child, Henry had psychic powers, which he used to spy on other people’s minds. He found that human beings have disturbing pasts and that they are “a unique type of pest,” who “multiply and poison our world”. He also found that many species prey on each other and keep each other from becoming too populous.

 Although Victor believed that a demon was causing strange things to happen in the house, Virginia knew it was really Henry. She wanted him to get professional help, but he rebelled against her and killed her and his sister. He then attempted to kill his father. After using too much of his power, Henry fell into a coma; he woke up under the care of Brenner, who had experimented on Eleven and the kids in an attempt to recreate him. Eventually, unable to control Henry, Brenner implanted a chip in him to subdue his powers.

How did Vecna get to the Upside Down?


 Henry asks Eleven to join him in his plan to wipe out humanity, but she refuses because she has lived as a human and wants to protect the world. They engage in a battle of telekinetic powers, and Eleven wins. She sends him to the Upside Down herself and opens the first Gate in Hawkins.

 After being banished through the rift and falling into the dark dimension upside down, One was struck by lightning and disfigured. He also weakened and had to recover for some time. Between being banished around 1983 and emerging from the dark dimension in 1986, he grew extra limbs like those of the spiders he admired. The final scene of Volume 1 shows a close-up of Vecna’s tattoo 001, confirming that Henry Creel, who went by the name Number One, became Vecna.

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