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The best Walking Dead quiz only real fan can answer

AMC’s The Walking Dead used to be one of the best TV shows out there. In this Zombie-Horror show, remaining survivors of the humanity fight against the hordes of the walkers (the zombies) just to stay alive or be killed and buried by your friends. Oh, there’s another option, become a Zombie by yourself and add the threat to your friends yourself. Because it is hard for your friends to kill you as a zombie than killing any other stray zombie. The feelings.

Why fans like The Walking Dead?

The Show is about the Zombie Apocalypse. The Rise of Zombies and end of humanity and what comes after the end of humanity? Who knows? But there are survivors of humanity and the show takes the survival of them and the zombies seriously. So, there is a lot of things going on that will give you shocks just like the end of Dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones.

It shows the realistic situation of people when you find Zombie Apocalypse is the new trend of the world. Fans of the walking dead like this very much. It shows the exaggerated versions of people like us. How different kind of people take the crisis and find way to survive. And as humans we are always curious what someone would do in certain situation. Are you curious about that? What the walking dead. That is, after you finish this blog.

Outstanding makeup and amazing special effects make it more interesting and realistic. Creepy walkers sometimes make you vomit and still gets us interested. I personally don’t like those weird zombies with near shots, feeding. The make up has won many awards too.

The suspense. I think this is what makes people to watch this type of shows. Uncertainty of what would happen next- will your favorite character die? No and Yes, sometimes it is Yes and then you find it is No. you won’t get bored at least.

Characters! All age and gender are zombie killers. Some learn and get stronger. Carol’s transformation into a strong women character and carl learning some new skills.

The walking dead is based on a famous comic. So, it was already known by many people before it become a TV series.

Then why people stopped watching the walking dead

The Characters

We like things to be in a motion and we like the heroes. But what happens if the heroes die to early. They are the hopes of the leftover people, right? and sometimes it’s the unnecessary characters. I have watched many TV series and Anime series and I believe that the most important thing in the story is the characters. No matter how good the story is, but if the characters are not much developed, then it will end up bad. Why do you think people like Marvel movies more than DC’s.

The story lines. Repetitive story of go away from the zombie and then find some temporary safety and then again something would happen. People now a days get easily bored and there is so much out there to get their attention. Like the walking dead is not the only show about zombies, right?

Sometimes it is too much for emotional drama. Constant emotional drama loses our interest.

You can comment below why you like the walking dead or why you stopped watching it. But if you have already watched it, it’s time for a quiz and check how much can you remember out of it.

The walking dead quiz real fan can understand

  1. Why Rick Grimes was in coma in the season 1?

Police officer Rick Grimes was involved in shooting and gets hit at shoulder, and ends up in deserted hospital in coma.

  1. What is Daryl Dixon’s favorite weapon?

Daryl Dixon is one of the favorite characters of ‘the walking dead’. His likes to use crossbow.

  1. Name of Lori’s child born in season 3?

Lori’s child is Judith Grimes

  1. What is name of King Ezekiel’s pet tiger?

King Ezekiel’s pet is called Shiva

  1. How did Carl lose his eye in the walking dead?

In season 6, Carl gets shot in the eye by Dead Ron on reflex which sends Carl into coma for weeks.

  1. Name of Negan’s trusty bat?

Negan has his barbed wire-covered baseball bat called Lucille.

  1. Hershel’s ranch hand shot Carl; his name is?

Otis accidentally shot Carl in the walking dead season 2 episode 2.

  1. why does Michonne have two walkers? Who are they?

The two walkers were closest people to her, one her boyfriend Mike and his friend Terry. She could not end them.

  1. How did rick kill Shane?

Rick killed Shane by stabbing in Chest and when Shane comes as zombie, Carl Grimes shot him in head

The Hardest ‘The walking dead’ Trivia Quiz

The walking dead season 1 to until now. Only true fan can answer the walking dead season quiz.

  1. How did Merle escape the rooftop?

After Rick hand-cuffed Merle on the rooftop, Merle finds a hacksaw. The blade was too dull to cut the handcuffs so Merle saw off his own hand to escape the zombies in the walking dead season 3.

  1. The walking dead characters refers them to be married without official marriage.

Maggie and Glenn

  1. The fortified town of the Governor is called?

Woodbury, Georgia is the town where more than 73 survivors lived and led by the Governor in season 3.

  1. Who does Andrea punish for taking her choice to die?

Andrea punished Dale for talking her choice to die. In the 16th and final episode “Welcome to the Tombs” of season 3, Andrea gets bitten and decides to take her own life. She is first introduced in the walking dead season 1.

  1. What are the inhabitants of Terminus turned out in the walking dead?

They are led by Gareth and in season 5 episode 1 they are revealed to be cannibals. They kill new arrivals at Terminus if they refuse to join them and carve them up.

  1. What Edwin Jenner whispers in Rick’s ear?

The Best ‘The Walking Dead’ Trivia Quiz ever taken

a scientist at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) whispers into Rick Grimes’s (Andrew Lincoln) ear “Everyone is infected. Whether you’re bitten or scratched by a walker or not, you will become a zombie once you die.”

  1. Where does Hershel Greene keep his friends and family turned into walkers?

Hershel Greene was a religious man and didn’t want to kill people who were once human, so he kept them in his barn and most of them were people he knew.

  1. Why Eugene Porter tells his profession is scientist?

Eugene Porter is introduced in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4. He is coward and physically unable to protect himself. So, he lies about being a scientist and knows the cure to zombie in order to protect himself. This is how he conned Abraham into protecting him.

  1. The girl that Carol was forced to kill?

When Carol came back from woods gathering food, Lizzie (Brighton Rosie) had killed Mika by stabbing and she was planning to do the same to Judith. That’s why Carol killed Lizzie taking her outside to look at flowers.

The Best Trivia facts about ‘The Walking Dead’

  1. Which 2 group members Negan brutally killed on The Walking Dead season 7?

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) with his baseball bat.

  1. In the Alexandria Safe Zone, who becomes Deanna’s assistant?

Maggie Rhee becomes Deanna’s assistant in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

  1. What did Father Gabriel do to congregation members?

Father Gabriel isolated himself from the outside world in the beginning of the outbreak and shut own congregation members which caused their death. This action left him traumatized.

  1. Relation between Tyreese and Sasha in the walking dead?

Sasha is Tyreese’s younger sister and they lived near each other before apocalypse.

  1. Why did Rick exile Carol from the group in season 3?

Carol killed 2 members to stop spreading the disease. She became cold and hit the fact about killing people, she was unsafe to have around so Rick banished Carol in season 3.

  1. Who is Governor’s researcher in Woodbury?

Milton Mamet is the survivor of the outbreak and Governor’s researcher who was experimenting on The Behavioral Patterns of the walkers.

Amazing ‘the walking dead’ quiz you would want to take

  1. Who killed Hershel in The Walking Dead?

The Governor (David Morrissey) killed Hershel (Scott Wilson) when he tried to crawl away but The Governor severs his head with multiple sword-strikes.

  1. why T-Dog sacrificed himself?

T-Dog was already bitten in the walking dead season 3 and decided to use his remaining life helping Carol to get back to cell Block C to safety.

18. With whom did Tara form a romantic relationship at Alexandria?

When Tara joined Alexandria Safe-Zone, she formed romantic relationship with Denise Cloyd. After 2 months of dating, they started living together in the infirmary.

19. How did Beth die in The Walking Dead?

Officer Dawn Lerner led the survivors in the walking dead to Grady Memorial Hospital. Dawn held captive Beth in the hospital. Beth stabbed Dawn with a small pair of scissors and Dawn accidentally shot her.

20. Which tribe alpha was leading in the walking dead?

The Whisperers. They are the tribe who disguises themselves among the walkers by wearing the skin. They control the walkers in walking along with them and walk away, so walkers follow them.

21. Tara’s profession before the apocalypse?

police academy cadet.

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