The Rock Star Trek

The Rock Star Trek aka Dwayne Johnson

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The Rock Star Trek

Pendari Champion

In the Star Trek: Voyager season 6 episode “Tsunkatse”, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock appears as Pendari Champion. He is the first superstar from WWE to make a guest appearance in The Star Trek Franchise.

The Rock in Star Trek is a Tsunkatse fighter. He fought against Seven In her debut in the game. When he enters to fight against Seven, He raises his right eyebrow to the crowd which is his famous gesture as “the People’s eyebrow“

When he notices Seven, describes her as “no bigger than a Tarkanian field mouse”. He feels insulted by putting an unworthy opponent like Seven to fight against. He keeps mocking Seven before defeating her.

This match was fought on Penk’s Starship in 2376. After the match Penk explains to Seven that “there’s a great deal of hostility toward the Bord in this sector. Every time the Pendari (The Rock) landed a blow, the audience grew.” He tells Seven that he was setting a red match for her in 2 days. If 3 billion people paid to see her hurt, how many will pay to see her die.”  so he put her in a blue match against the Pendari Champion aka The Rock (Star Trek).


Tsunkatse Is a popular sport in the Delta quadrant. It was invented by Norcadains and is similar to wrestling.

Two contestants battle in an Arena wearing polaron disruptors on their hands and feet.  these disruptors deliver a bioplasmic charge when coming in contact with target sensors on the opponent. These sensors are located on the sternum and between the shoulder blades. The objective of this sport is to protect your sensors while attacking on opponent’s sensors.

There are four types of Tsunkatse matches: yellow, red, blue, and green.

Red Match: objective-knock out

Blue Match: objective-kill

The Yellow and Green Match objectives were never stated.

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