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The Simpsons Ride and best Homer facts

The Simpsons Ride is a simulator that uses IMAX screens which gives a virtual reality riding experience in a Theme park called “Krustyland”

The Simpsons ride videos

While you are waiting in line, many videos are played. Some of them are as described below.

Krusty opens the theme park.

Professor Frink goes back in time to save Doc Brown.

It also plays many other fan-favorite moments from The Simpsons history.

When you are in the central queue, many fan-favorite characters talk to each other and guests and invite them to play games. Kristy is singing a rhyme while hinting who will try his dangerous ride first. Sideshow Bob stomps on Homer’s foot, who has stolen the scratchy suit from Barney. Then Bart selects the guests as a traveling group.

Krusty takes The Simpsons backstage where they are operating the ride. Professor Frink warns them about the dangers of a nuclear reactor. 

Jeremy Freedman warns grampa to sit out because of heart conditions, which also reminds the guests that The Simpsons Ride intensity can intensify certain heart conditions.

Grampa sits out with Maggi who has enlarged 50 feet tall due to radiation from the reactor.

Scratchy forces the Simpsons to board the ride and shows them an Itchy and Scratchy video which is about the recap of the safety rules.

After entering the ride vehicle, Homer orders them to sit down, if they don’t sit down he will keep making annoying noises until everyone takes a seat. He also tells that all seats are the same except some of them are better. Even after Riders take seats, he keeps making annoying noises. After that Jeremy Freedman tells the riders to keep quiet because he’s studying for a math test and if he cannot get C or higher in the test, he will be kicked out from the audiovisual club. He starts reading the book upside down.

The Simpsons ride starts

Finally, Sideshow Bob starts the ride, the Simpsons are sitting in front. He tries to kill the Simpsons family with Wrecking Ball.

The Wrecking Ball doesn’t destroy the car but the family gets blown away into different Disney parodies. Sideshow Bob is hiding in every Disney parody and tries to kill the family members. Maggi who is enlarged by radiation catches sideshow Bob but accidentally knocks the riders into hell. But thankfully professor Frink saves them and takes them to Springfield.

Professor Frink tells Maggie that he will give her the pacifier if she destroys Springfield.

The guests are flying through Springfield. The guests see Maggie again who has her specifier, But sideshow Bob takes it away, so Maggie uses Riders car as a pacifier.

 Majhe tells Maggi to spit out, and the Simpsons are sitting on the couch which Kang and Kudos turn into drop Tower. The couch is falling from the sky and Marge tells the riders to smile for a photo. Homer is relieved that the ride is over. Krusty pushes the emergency button in the control room which causes the vehicle to vibrate.

The Simpsons Homer

Homer’s full name is Homer Jay Simpson who is the main protagonist of the Simpsons and one of the main characters of the show.

He was born on May 12, 1956, is the spouse of Marge and father of Lisa, Bart, and Maggie Simpson. His father Abraham Simpson and mother Mona raised him on a family farm.

He met Marge Bouvier at a summer camp, his father had forced him to attend the camp.

He participated in a drinking contest by lying that he was 22 but he was 15. he was so intoxicated that he drank up a whole beer keg. Due to the hangover, he could not go to school for a month.

Barney was preparing for Harvard, Homer convinced him to drink a beer, At first, Barney was annoyed but he drank it reluctantly. After that Barney became a permanent drinker and failed his tests.

In Springfield High School, Homer fell in love with Marge. They bought an apartment in Springfield together after finishing high school. Marge got an acceptance letter from college, His father gave Homer a job at Simpson Laser tag to pay her tuition fees.

Homer prematurely impregnated Marge on a night out and got married at Shotgun Pete’s. They named the boy Bart.

The Simpsons Homer professional life

Homer failed to get a job at the power plant, so he left Marge to support the family. He started working at Gulf ‘n’ Blow restaurant before March convinced him to get back home.

Homer secured a job at the power plant. After two years since Bart was born, Marge became pregnant and gave birth to Lisa. After that, they bought their first home.

He became the lead singer and songwriter for The Be Sharps and won Grammy. He would be absent from home many days which created problems in marriage life. After differences with the group, he came back home.

He tried many jobs in his 30s, but he would always come back at his power plant job.

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