Black Frieza (Burakku Furiza) is a very lethal transformation of Frieza so far.

Image: arclith on twitter

In order to reach the Black Frieza state, he trained  for ten years in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber on one of his captured planets.

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The new frieza form can not be compared to the golden frieza. Black Frieza is so overpowered as he spent time sirious training.

he seems to have fully mastered the form and overcome any endurance limitations it may have had by the time he revealed it.

image: viz manga

He killed Gas in an instant, who is supposed to be the strongest due to wish from Dragon Balls. He knew Elec's Plan all along.

We all know by now about Goku's ultra instinct and Vegeta's Ultra Ego! It was useless.

How Strong is Black Frieza?

Frieza smacked them with his each hand for one. That confidentally said he can destroy both of them if he wishes to.

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Although the manga is going on a break, it has created great hype among fans. Also, Whis confirms birth of a great warrior.

Goku and Vegeta will have to break their limits again just to reach the level of Frieza. This is going to be the best opening and again it will break the internet.