Elon Musk is willing to proceed with his first $44 billion offer for the social media site, giving up his legal fight to withdraw from the purchase of Twitter.

The proposal is being offered just two weeks before Twitter's case in Delaware Chancery Court trying to compel Musk to complete the purchase goes to trial.

According to the filing, he will complete the purchase provided that he receives loan financing and that the court dismisses the complaint.

By completing the transaction, Musk effectively granted Twitter what it was asking the court to order.

If Musk were to lose the case, the judge could order him to finish the agreement and apply interest charges that would have raised the cost.

Talley was surprised by the fact that Musk doesn't seem to be attempting to renegotiate the arrangement.

even a little price cut may have given Musk a "moral triumph" and the chance to claim he gained something from the lengthy argument.

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