Hocus Pocus is the quintessential Halloween movie, and with its remake debuting this month, many childhood lovers are likely to see the original again.

Despite being a children's film, The Nightmare Before Christmas is incredibly spooky and was directed by Tim Burton, the master of creep.

The tells the tale of a group of siblings who learn that their beloved Grandma has magical abilities beyond baking cookies.

Victor successfully uses a lightning strike and a cleverly constructed laboratory to bring his dog back, the movie captures the affection that owners feel for their cherished pets.

The protagonist Miguel enjoys singing and opposes his family's prohibition against it but this quickly gets him into trouble and leaves him in the world of the dead.

Twitches is a beloved movie from the 2000s that dominated the Disney Channel every October and captured the attention of young viewers thanks to the twins Camryn and Alexandra.

With Mike and Sully demonstrating that even fearsome monsters can have large hearts, Monsters Inc. is one animated film that people aren't afraid to admit moved them to tears.

The gothic setting, subdued lighting, and usage of sad fallacies in Haunted Mansion perfectly capture the spirit of Halloween and reflect the family's anxiety.

One of Angelina Jolie's greatest performances comes in the movie Maleficent, in which she portrays a heartbroken fairy who curses the father of the man who humiliated her in vengeance.

One of the oldest and shortest Halloween-themed Disney films ever created, Lonesome Ghosts has a runtime of about 9 minutes.