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What Superheroes break the fourth wall?

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Fourth Wall

She-Hulk is the first superhero to break. She does it way before Deadpool.

image: Sestra Hulk

bruce banner is the one known for having an alter ego, but that's not the case with She-Hulk. She is aware of surroundings.

She knows she's in the comic books. She-Hulk warns readers that if they don't buy her first issue of comic, she'll tear up all their X-Men comics.

Created by: Stan Lee

Jessica Gao, the writer of She-Hulk says that She-Hulk’s use of the fourth wall is “quintessential”.

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She will continue to use it her way despite other characters breaking the fourth wall now. She even tears comic pages to go to timeline.

“I think the show wouldn’t work without it,” Gao says. “It’s one of the top things I associate with She-Hulk.

"I don’t think she would be She-Hulk without Fourth Wall it."

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