The first trailer for the much-awaited "Super Mario Bros. Movie," an animated adventure with interesting casting, was released by Nintendo.

Fans were eager to see exactly how insane this movie would be with Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser.

The teaser debuted to 600k+ viewers on Nintendo of America's YouTube channel and aired live at New York Comic Con.

The trailer didn't let me down. Chris Pratt's voice eventually emerged from Mario's animated form, and it was deliciously strange.

Keegan-Michael Key is already doing a fantastic job as Toad, chastising Mario for thinking he was a mushroom.

Bowser tries to take our stars in the first scene of the trailer, as if we're playing "Mario Party."

Bowser leads the Koopa Troopas—true to their name, they are very literally troops—to a snowy castle, where he commands them to unlock the gates.

Bowser leads the Koopa Troopas to a snowy castle, where he commands them to unlock the gates.

To protect their territory, several penguins attempt to throw snowballs at him, a futile attempt.

Black appears to have so far made a sincere commitment to playing the dreadful Mario villain.

Pratt stated before the teaser debuted that "becoming Mario has been a lifelong ambition of mine."

He remembered spending hours of his life at his neighborhood laundry crushing Koopas in the first Mario arcade game.

The release date for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is set for April 7, 2023.