Taylor Swift new album and VMAs winners

Taylor swift new album “Midnight” will be released on October 21, 2022.

Taylor Swift won Three VMAs. They are Video, Direction &  Long Form Video Awards for "All Too Well".

Nicki Minaj ended her performance with “Super Freaky Girl”.

VMAs LALISA for “K-pop” BTS for “group” Nicki Minaj for “Video Vanguard”

BLACKPINK debuted "Pink Venom," a brand-new song, with furious choreography and lightning-fast vocals.

VMAs BLACKPINK:  “metaverse performance” Dove Cameron:  “new artist” Out of Time:  “R&B video”

In a skin-tight, sparkly red outfit, she made good on her promise to ass-shaking.

VMAs Woman:  “choreography” Seventeen:  “push performance” First Class:  “song of the summer”

Damiano David roared each phrase with pleasure as they tore through their gritty, sexy "Supermodel."

As It Was:  pop video Cinematography INDUSTRY BABY: collaboration Art direction Visual effects

Fergie and Jack Harlow perform a mashup of "First Class" and her track "Glamorous," which stunned the audience.

VMAs Black Summer: rock video Happier Than Ever: “song”

The entire stadium was shining during Bad Bunny's "Titi Me Pregunto" VMAs performance.

VMAs Bad Bunny:  “artist” I Wanna Be Your Slave:  “alternative video” About Damn Time: “Video for Good”

Lizzo, one of the greatest live vocalists out there, was in top form with her vocals, high kicks, and creative dance.

VMAs SAOKO: “editing” Envolver:  “Latin video” Harry's House: “Album”

At the 2022 VMAs, Johnny Depp makes an unexpected appearance as a Moonman.