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Why Harry Potter did not die in the forbidden forest?

Why Harry Potter did not die?

This is the most confusing and misunderstood concept why Harry did not die when Voldemort hit him with the killing curse avada kedavara in the forbidden forest. Harry and Voldemort are interlinked because of the prophecy that says neither can live while other survives which means that one of them have to kill the other.

Voldemort believed that the Elder Wand was not obeying his as he was not his real master. Wand only obeys those who have defeated its previous master. Dumbledore was the master of elder wand before Snape killed Dumbledore and Voldemort did not know that Draco had disarmed Dumbledore before Snape killed him. So, Voldemort believed that by killing Snape, he will get the wand obey him. Harry finds out from the memory Snape gave him before dying that when Lily died saving him, a part of the soul of Voldemort’s soul stayed in him. So, even if he fought Voldemort, he could not kill him as Voldemort would survive as a part of Voldemort’s soul is in Harry. So, in order to kill Voldemort, Harry must die.

So, when Voldemort told Harry to go to him, Harry went to the forbidden forest. He used resurrection stone to see his dead parents with Sirius and Lupin. They told him that they are with him until the end. Harry went to Voldemort unarmed and his wand in jacket. He willingly lets Voldemort kill him and accepts death like an old friend.

Here is where the misconception occurs to most of the people why Harry did not die or have some wrong ideas about it. Many people believed that Harry did not die because he was the master of the death. Those who have all three deathly hallows are called the master of the death. Voldemort used the elder wand to kill harry, Harry had the resurrection stone which he dropped in the forest and the invisibility cloak which was passed down to Harry from his family. Harry owned all three of this as Harry disarmed Draco Malfoy and became master of the elder wand as Draco unarmed its previous master Dumbledore. But this is not the truth.

There is also a theory that Harry did not die because the part of the Voldemort’s soul was inside him and Voldemort killed that part of his soul and harry survived from death. Actually, I believed this story too until I finished the end of the book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

When Harry met Dumbledore in his mind after Voldemort used killing curse on Harry, he asked Dumbledore why he did not die if no one die for him this time. When Voldemort killed Lily, Dumbledore sent Harry to his aunt as she and Lily shared the same blood and thus protected Harry for all these years. As Petunia had same blood as Lily, she had the same blood protection as Lily and that is the reason Dumbledore sent Harry Potter to her as she his only protection. Now that Harry left the house, he lost the protection of blood. When Harry turned 17, the enchantment was lifted. When Dumbledore asked Harry why he did not die, Harry replied that Voldemort took his blood.

Voldemort could not touch Harry due to the protection Lily gave him. In the first year, Voldemort could not touch harry. So, we can see in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire that Peter used Harry’s blood to for Voldemort’s return. Now Voldemort was able to touch Harry as they shared the same blood. That was a good thinking of Voldemort for the time being.

Harry’s protection would have gone after he turned seventeen but as Voldemort took Harry blood for his return, Harry’s protection lived on. As Voldemort’s protection lived in Harry in as horcrux, Harry’s protection lived on in Voldemort in form of Harry’s Blood.

If the blood protection were not inside Voldemort, Harry would have died along with the part of Voldemort’s soul. But as Voldemort was alive with Harry’s blood inside him, the enchantment was also there which saved Harry and not the horcrux inside Harry. So, Voldemort’s plan to take Harry’s blood backfired on him.

How and why Dumbledore planned for his death?

Dumbledore has regrets about his past. He and his friend Grindelwald were planning to be the best. Dumbledore had a brother and a sister. One day while fighting with Grindelwald, one of their spells hit his sister Ariana and she died.

The ring contained the resurrection stone, one of the deathly hallows. Dumbledore knew it. He also knew that the ring was not simple, it has dark aura around it. He knew that it was linked to dark magic but longed the see his dead family again, mostly his sister Ariana, he wore the ring putting aside all the wit he had. Soon the curse activated and began to devouring his body. He used the Gryffindor Sword to destroy the ring, but that did not stop the curse spreading in his body.

Snape however managed to contain the curse spread for the time being but it will eventually kill Dumbledore. It was slow and painful death. Dumbledore wanted to save Draco too. So, asked Snape to kill him and give him merciful and painless death. When Snape killed Dumbledore, it saved Draco from Voldemort and Snape got trust of Voldemort which helped much.

So, this is why Snape killed on Dumbledore’s order as he was already dying with the curse from the ring which will give him painful death.

When Harry Potter met Dumbledore after Voldemort used Avada Kedavra on him in the forbidden forest, Dumbledore told everything to Harry that he did not tell him before and asked for his forgiveness. This is when he told Harry why he is not dead yet even though there was no one to die for him this time and now he had the choice to go back and live.

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