Why is Star Trek_ Enterprise so different_

Why is Star Trek Enterprise so different?

  Star Trek: Enterprise didn’t have the words “Star Trek” in its title for the first 2 seasons.

Star Trek: Enterprise was the fifth series in the Star Trek franchise and ran from 2001 to 2005 on the United Paramount Network. It served as a prequel to The Original Series and chronicled the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer. His crew on board the first Starship Enterprise NX-01. From the beginning, Enterprise sought to distinguish itself from its predecessors. So it focuses on a more human story, as well as introducing alien races such as Vulcans and Klingons for further exploration.

  The show was a prequel, set in the time before the Federation. This was a departure from typical Star Trek visions of the future, and so it had an entirely different tone. Enterprise’s sets, props, and costumes were completely redesigned, and even its theme song. It was the only Star Trek theme to feature lyrics—stood out as different from other shows. One of the biggest differences was that Enterprise did not include Star Trek in its title at all for its first few seasons.

  The first two seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise kept the name Star Trek out of its title. Executive Producer Rick Berman believed that there was enough Trek content on television already and that fans would be confused by a series called Enterprise.

Premiered after a decade

  Enterprise, the latest Star Trek show, premiered after a decade of nearly continuous production on at least one Star Trek project. The show was preceded by Voyager and Deep Space Nine. Both had experienced a precipitous decline in ratings during their runs. Enterprise was intended to breathe new life into the franchise. So its creators felt that breaking with established tradition was the best way to accomplish this goal. Of course, Berman never wanted the show far away from the franchise entirely. He chose the name “Enterprise” carefully. Because it obviously has a strong association with Star Trek as far back as The Original Series.

  As Season 3 of Enterprise began, it was clear that the show’s break with tradition had not paid off in the way it was meant to. Still, Ratings were steadily declining, and rumors of cancellation circulated. After Facing with these facts, the creative team made some changes.

  The third season of Enterprise introduced more serialized storytelling, which led to a rating bump. Paramount Studios ordered the show to add the franchise name back into its title. Hoping it would reconnect Enterprise with Star Trek’s core fanbase. Enterprise became known as Star Trek: Enterprise the change was implemented in season 3, episode 3, “Extinction”.

  Although “Extinction” is considered one of the worst episodes of the series, this has more to do with the writing than the name change. The changes were ultimately not enough to save Enterprise from cancellation, which came at the end of season four.

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